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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 10 Awesome Gifts to Present Your Dad

Father’s day gift ideas

Father’s Day certainly brings up fond memories. If you share a unique bond with your dad, this time is all the more special. But shopping for dads is no easy feat. If you’re clueless about what to gift your dad this Father’s Day, we have some ideas that will inspire you. This useful gift guide includes ideas for every type of dad; from the avid bookreader to the newbie chef.

1. A great watch: You can’t go wrong with a good looking watch. If money’s not a concern and you’re willing to spend well on a timepiece, an impressive watch can be a great pick for Father’s Day.



Perfect for: Dads who appreciate style and elegance

2. A fishing kit: If your dad loves fishing, then this is just the gift for him! Great for amateurs and experienced anglers alike.

Fishing kit


Perfect for: Dads who love fishing

3. A set of kitchen tools: If you want to help your dad take his culinary adventures to the next level, then gift him some cool kitchen equipment that he will actually use. You can buy new pots, pans, grilling accessories and the like. Best still, go for a set of tools; his Father’s day is sure to brighten up!

Kitchen tools

Perfect for: Dads who wish to up their cooking skills

4. A good book: Is your dad an avid reader? If yes, then a good book will surely delight him. Ask him if he is looking forward to a new book or pick that classic he always wished to own. Put some thought before you make the purchase and surprise him on his special day.

Good book


Perfect for: Dads who love to read

5. A classy razor set: Does your dad love taking care of his beard? Or, on the contrary, does he need to take care of it more often? Either way, a classy set of tools will help him take care of his skin and keep his stubble in good condition.

Razor set


Perfect for: Dads who like to take care of their stubble  

6. A smartphone: With smartphones, you can’t go wrong at all. If you think your father’s phone is way too outdated and he badly needs an upgrade, then here’s your chance to be his sweet daughter/son. Based on his specific requirement, look for a new smartphone that is sure to match his needs.

Considering the number of options out there in the market, this should not be a tough cookie.



Perfect for: Dads who need a new phone

7. A camera: Was your dad eyeing that swanky digital lately? Encourage your dad in his creative pursuits by picking up a cool new camera for him.


Perfect for: Dads aspiring to become photographers

8. A pair of new sunglasses: If your dad is someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, this one will be a handy gift to carry along. Gift him a pair of his favorite aviators or anything else that you think he will like. Especially great gift if he plans to holiday anytime soon in the future.


Perfect for: Dads who spend time outdoors

9. A new work bag: A work bag is something that all dads working in an office will appreciate. Invest in a good quality bag; one that will last him awhile and he will surely remember the gesture.

Work bag

Perfect for: Dads at work

10. A new pair of shoes: If your dad is a shoe lover, then this should be easy. Buy him a pair of elegant shoes that are both comforting and good-looking. Make it interesting by picking a new color or style he does not own yet.

Pair of shoes


Perfect for: Dads who love shoes

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