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  • 4 Reasons Why You Must Value Exercising with Your Kids

    4 Reasons Why You Must Value Exercising with Your Kids

    4 Reasons Why You Must Value Exercising with Your Kids

    Do you have nothing to do at home during the weekends? Are you tired of seeing your kids holding their gadgets the whole day? Do you want something that will engage your kids in some fun and productive activity with you? How about exercising with them?

    Exercising with your kids might not be your usual kind of bonding, but many families who do it see something good as a result from it.

    If you come to think of it, there really are many benefits you can get from it. Kids nowadays might or might not like the thought of it at first but exercising with them surely has big boons.

    Here are 4 of them 

    1. You let them put down their gadgets

    As mentioned earlier, gadgets do take a lot of children’s time.

    They can even use them for the whole day, and as a parent, you know how it feels when they do that. It’s both sad and maddening that they spend so much time playing games or doing other activities related to entertainment and leisure that rob them of the chance for more efficiency and progress.

    If you experienced attending a seminar about the family or about the parent-child relationship, you might have probably heard that as parents halt their kids’ attachment to gadgets, they must put something to replace those.

    With that, you can personally think of an exercise equipment as one of the healthy substitutes.

    It’s up to you if you’re going to buy one or go to the gym. Let your kids hold some exercise equipment which you can both workout with. Jump ropes are good for younger kids. Treadmills, rowers and spin bikes are some other exercise equipment you can let your older children exercise with.

    Exercising with your kids lets you redeem the precious attention that your kids are supposed to be spending on and with your family.

    It’s gloomy to think that kids will just have a distant feeling with you as their parents only because of their gadgets. Do your thing and encourage your kids to workout with the whole family.  

    2. You catch up with each other

    You catch up with each other

    As parents, you always need catching up with your kids, both for younger and older kids.

    Younger kids, again, use their time in playing games and gadgets. Older kids, on the other hand, are busy with school and some, with their friends and other relationships.

    Without a doubt, you do not want to miss out on the special things in their lives. Especially if you are a working parent, you know the struggle to see your kids growing apart from you if you don’t spend time with them.

    Exercising with them is one of the nicest ways you can catch up with their lives and vice versa. Even though you will be doing workout routines and sweating a lot, there’s no rule that disables you to talk about your life during that.

    It’s a great time to share stories that have been piling up in your bedrooms. You might be able to talk about your problems and make solutions as a family too.

    Bonding with your kids does not always have to happen in the mall or in restaurants. They can also occur inside the gym or inside your very own shelter as you exercise all together.  

    3. You learn from each other

    Spending the morning exercising with your kids allows you to learn new stuff about each other. You get to learn more about each other’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvements when in comes to physical abilities.

    At the same time, you are able to teach each other about many things. Aside from demonstrating how one exercise equipment is used, you also get to teach each other about the things that hands cannot touch but the heart can.

    You all learn how to be more patient, more dedicated and less of a coward in experiencing hurt, weariness and hardship. Although it’s about the physical aspect, you can also apply it in your life as individuals and as a family. 

    4. You get healthy as you grow

    Parents are not young forever, and it’s the same thing with your kids.

    That means your health also changes. Your body gets more susceptible to sickness and it gets weak; but that is most likely if you do not really take good care of your body.

    It is very good to know that you and your kids grow together healthy and happy. There are many great health benefits that exercising alone can give you and your kids.

    You gain healthy bodies, minds and discipline. You learn more the value of exercise and your kids also do the same thing.

    Aside from the physical health that profits, the relationship between you and your beloved children also gains a lot of good fruits. Your closeness is even more developed. You achieve a healthier relationship with your little or not-so-little-anymore kids.

    Your kids are not by your side forever, so while you are both beside each other, spend great times together doing the things that make you both happy and healthy. Exercise with your kids, and see what amazing things it does for you.

    Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an Australian business nationally regarded as the benchmark in the Fitness industry, offering premium quality fitness equipment collection at affordable prices. She writes pieces focusing on the importance of being fit and healthy overall and the self discipline that must go with them. She also does research on various gym and exercise equipment to give more information about how they work. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.
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