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  • 5 Ways to Empower Your Lady Love on Women’s Day

    Here are 5 phenomenal ways to empower your lady love on Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day on March 8 marks a celebration of the achievements of women across the social and economic spectrum. For a man, the day also marks a call to action for making his woman feel empowered and special. An important component of the day revolves around being a supportive spouse who takes charge of paving way for a healthier relationship.

    Your woman is trying to carve a niche for herself and rise stronger in work-life dynamics. That’s exactly why you need to be her go-to man who doesn’t operate according to the patriarchal notions and gives her the roots to hold her fort and wings to fly high. If you have been profoundly deaf to your woman’s needs, step up and rectify your missteps. Leverage Women’s Day as an opportunity to commemorate her contribution and enrich your relationship with your partner.

    Here are 5 phenomenal ways to empower your lady love on Women’s Day and beyond

    1. Support her in attaining a legit sense of autonomy

    Nothing is more liberating for a woman than to be able to take her decisions autonomously. You can be her gentle guide, who facilitates her decision-making ability by summing up all the potential risks and rewards involved in a situation. Be an objective, patient listener to her and help her formulate contingency plans for times things go awry.

    Be a facilitator in helping her use her discretion to the best of her abilities. It could be a career switch, an asset acquisition, systematic financial planning or even building prowess in driving. Make her understand that the best-laid plans can go haywire and she doesn’t need to feel the cliched damsel in distress. Nudge her gently and direct your efforts in making her self-reliant and not solely dependent on you or anybody for everything, big or inconsequential. She will be thanking you later when she won’t have to ever play the victim card to tip scales in her favor.

    Facilitates her decision-making ability by summing up all the risks and rewards involved

    2. Build an A team with her

    You will never go wrong when you decide to be on the same team as her. The constant collision causes a lot of collateral damage in a relationship. There is a gnawing feeling of resentment and indignation along with a lack of trust. Do not let your relationship become a tug of war. Let go of trivial tussles over toilet etiquettes, grocery, vacation plans, and upholstery.

    Save her and yourself a headache that impedes your work and life in general. Let her take the charge. This doesn’t mean you have to kowtow to everything your partner says. It is just about placing her and yourself on the same pedestal and unlocking the key to conflict resolution.

    Veteran psychotherapist Lisa Fogel says, “Some women may feel a sense of guilt if they pursue individual interests that involve time away from their husband or children. Notice if you are hindering her choice with feelings of your own discomfort when she leaves the home. Encourage her to take some time to step out of the caretaker role.”

    3. Leverage your sense of humor to help her unwind

    Humor is the best coping mechanism when it comes to busting stress. When you crack a joke to diffuse a tense situation, you also bring along an array of physiological benefits to your ladylove.

    Laughter produces oxytocin, a chemical that builds and strengthens the bond with your mate. Integrate humor in your marriage if you want to relax your partner and help her unwind after a hard day at work or post her strenuous day at dispensing her stay-at-home mommy duties. This lightheartedness will replenish her sapping energy levels and equip her to happily continue giving her best shot to her roles and responsibilities.

    Integrate humor in your marriage if you want to relax your partner

    4. Share knowledge with her

    Knowledge is power and ignorance is NOT bliss. Knowledge is not restricted to textbooks. If your wife is experiencing a skill lag that is thwarting her growth at work, be her Messiah. Relationships are symbiotic in nature. You know there is a lot she does for you and if there is an area, where you have an expertise she could use, be willing to share your knowledge. Your timely guidance will escalate her career progression and bolster her confidence. If there are areas of finance, errands, personal safety and technology where she could build savviness, be her guiding force.

    5. Offer her respite by sharing work (drudgery) with her

    If there is an obvious disproportionate divide of household work between you and her, it’s time you fix it. A lopsided share of taxing workload could throw a wedge between you and your spouse in addition to stressing her out. It’s time to break free of the invisible hierarchy of work division at home and create an equilibrium. She needs a breather and you be her savior.

    Make a consistent effort to devote a reasonable 30 minutes to helping your spouse on the day to day tasks – buying grocery, plating the food or doing laundry. The collateral beauty of this would be an increase in time that you both get for each other, post taking care of the errands together. Utilize that to spice up your sack session or head out for a leisurely walk or a movie together.

    Make a consistent effort to devote a reasonable 30 minutes to helping your spouse

    We have it figured out for you – take the plunge!

    With a change in the dynamics between men and women, sexism is taking a backseat. This Women’s Day, don’t just restrict yourself to the candy floss romance, bring in the real deal to emancipate your lady love from the constricted stereotypes. Be the wind beneath her wings!

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