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  • Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner When it’s Just the Two of You

    Cooking Thanksgiving dinner when it's just the two of you

    Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for getting together with your entire family and for feasting. It’s a festival that is celebrated to catch up, reconnect and to strengthen relationships with family and friends. But as much as anybody would hate to miss Thanksgiving, fast paced lifestyle and unlimited commitments sometimes make it difficult to get to your family on this day. Some years you can’t make it to your parents’ or your laws’ place, or your children are busy and are unable to be with you.

    What do you do when only you and your spouse are there for Thanksgiving?

    Sure, it is a little disappointing. Having no hustle bustle in your home on Thanksgiving is probably not something you had wished for. But don’t lose heart, there is a brilliant way to redeem this holiday! The true essence of Thanksgiving lies in feasting and there is no sorrow in the world that good food can’t mellow. Cooking and feasting with your spouse is a great way to have a fun and romantic Thanksgiving dinner.

    However when it’s just the two of you, there are more challenges than just keeping your spirits high. Thanksgiving is about cooking massive turkeys, stuffing, gravy and heavy side dishes. It is difficult to execute Thanksgiving traditions in a moderate scale, especially cooking turkey. Even the smallest turkey available in the market would not be any less than 10-12 pounds. 10-12 pounds is way over what a human couple can consume. It’s huge even if you plan to have plenty of leftovers for the next few days!

    Here’s what you should do if you are planning to prepare Thanksgiving meal for just two people-

    1. Don’t cook the entire turkey

    Cook only the turkey legs or/and breasts if you are cooking for two people. That should be enough. This way you can have your good old traditional turkey on Thanksgiving without making unnecessary efforts and more importantly without wasting any food.

    2. Replace turkey

    If you and your spouse are not particularly fond of turkey, you can cook smaller birds. Chicken or maybe duck can be good alternatives for turkey. However if you believe there is no way you can replace turkey, you can always stick with that. As mentioned in the previous point, just cook parts instead of the full turkey.

    3. Reduce the number of side dishes

    As awful as it sounds, if it’s just the two of you, you should reduce the number of side dishes you cook. There is only a limited quantity that you two can have. Even if you cook little-little portions for a good number of side dishes, you are going to end up with excess left overs which you wouldn’t be able to finish in the next few days without upsetting your stomach!

    Thanksgiving is a family holiday, it’s hard to customize the traditions for just two people. You have to make some sacrifices! However on the bright side, you have to put in less efforts to cook.

    4. Experiment with stuffing, gravy and sides

    Now here’s one positive thing about cooking Thanksgiving meal for two people. You get to experiment. You can try out different recipes for the turkey stuffing, gravy and sides. You can find a number of appealing Thanksgivings dishes with twists over the internet. Even if it doesn’t turn out too well, you will not end up wasting too much food and you don’t have to be embarrassed in front of your entire family (your in-laws). However, if your cooking experiment succeeds and you end up cooking something delicious then, you can flaunt your cooking skills next Thanksgiving when you are with your complete family.

    5. Order take out or visit a restaurant

    If you are not a big fan of cooking and you don’t have your family coming over, you can take some time off for yourself. You can relax and enjoy with your spouse and order take out or visit a restaurant. There are plenty of restaurants which are open on Thanksgiving and they serve  really nice meals. If you don’t have your family over, there is no point sticking to cooking and eating traditional dishes if you don’t want to.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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