Celebrating New Year With Your Family

Celebrating The New Year With Your Family

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to be with your family and look forward to the next year together. Kids and teens can really enjoy the party atmosphere and the feeling of excitement and anticipation. New Year’s Eve is definitely not just for the grown-ups – get your whole family together for some of these fun and family-friendly New Year’s Eve ideas.

Host A Game Night

Invite some family members or friends and their kids over for a fun family game night. Get out the X-Box or Wii, or why not enjoy some classic board or card games? Plan some traditional parlor games such as pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey that all ages can enjoy. Lay on some easy to prepare snack foods and have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on hand for the little ones.

Take A Vacation

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time for a family vacation. Check out family-friendly attractions around the country – many of them offer their very own New Year’s Eve parties. Or simply enjoy some good food, games and good company in your hotel or your very own rented house or chalet. Your family will love the novelty of a holiday, and you’ll love getting away from it all for a few nights.

Throw A Slumber Party

If you’ve got teens in your house, let them throw a slumber party for their friends. Fire up Netflix or Amazon, or get a stack of DVDs ready to watch. Let them order in a pizza, and have some sparkling cider on hand for teen-friendly celebrations. Set them up with some snacks and pamper products (for the girls) and let them relax, be silly, and enjoy seeing in the new year together.

Have A Fireworks Party

Kids of all ages love fireworks. Invite over some family or friends for your very own backyard fireworks party. Lay on some easy finger food that can be enjoyed indoors or outside. Bake some potatoes or put a pizza in the oven for a hot snack – if you’re feeling brave you can even try doing some outdoor grilling. Don’t forget to stock up on hot chocolate and all the trimmings.

Set Up Your Own Photo Booth

Treat your family to a New Year’s Eve celebration that comes with its own souvenirs by setting up your very own photo booth. Buy a roll of thick craft paper to make backgrounds to pin on the wall. Keep it plain, or let your kids decorate it any way they like. Gather fun, silly and glamorous props from around your home, or even hit the local party supplies or fancy dress store. Let everyone take turns to get their pictures taken – you can even download a photo booth app for an authentic look. Make some time on New Year’s Day to put together a slideshow of your favorites.

Get All Dressed Up

Whether you’re going out or staying in, if you’ve got kids, they’ll love the chance to get all dressed up! Break out your best glad rags and sparkliest jewelry and have fun helping each other get dressed up to the nines. Find your best fancy hats and pretty gloves, do each other’s hair, and have fun trying on each other’s accessories. Add some extra fun to the night by inventing your very own “mocktail” from fruit juice and fizzy soda and holding a contest to find the best name.

Get All Dressed UpRelax With A Fondue And Movie Night

Have a relaxing New Year’s Eve with your family by having a small, intimate fondue and movie night for just you, your partner, and your kids. Invest in a fondue set – you can pick them up for just a few dollars – and have fun choosing and preparing all the different foods you’re going to dip in it. Let your kids pick out some of their favorite movies and get cozy for a warm and enjoyable night in together.

Make A Time Capsule Together

Get a pretty tin, or break out the crafting materials and give your kids free reign over an old shoe box. Provide plenty of pens, crayons and paper and ask them to write or draw their favorite memories from the past year. Add in keepsakes like movie stubs or attraction tickets, or even restaurant receipts. Find a place to hide it at midnight, and make plans to open it on the following New Year’s Eve for a fun glimpse into the past.

Have A Dance Party

If you’ve got younger kids, why not have a family dance party? Get dressed up in your brightest party clothes, put together a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs, clear some space in the lounge or den, and get ready to throw some shapes. Lay on plenty of drinks for thirsty dancers, and have some favorite snacks ready for when the dancing’s done and it’s time to relax together.

New Year’s Eve with your family is the perfect opportunity to make memories together. Try out one of these family-friendly ideas and enjoy a New Year’s celebration that you’ll all remember fondly for years to come.

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