Celebrating Parents’ Day with your Spouse

Celebrating Parents’ Day (July 26) with your Spouse

There is Mother’s day and Father’s day; and then there is Parents’ day. Celebrated on the 4th Sunday of July, Parents’ day came into law in 1994 under Present Bill Clinton. The day is geared towards recognizing, uplifting and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children. While the day has not generated as much fanfare as its more popular cousins, it is an important day and an opportunity for spouses to celebrate each other as parents. Here are some suggestions to celebrate this Parents’ day with your spouse.

Family Breakfast

Parents’ day is to celebrate your roles as parents. Decide to have a family breakfast with your children and if possible invite your parents as well. This is an opportunity to spend some quality time together, with each other, and with your children. Make the preparation of this big Sunday morning breakfast a team effort in the kitchen. If your children are old enough, incorporate them in the preparation – make it a family affair. At the breakfast table engage each other and talk about Parents’ day. This is an opportunity to explain the day to your children and to share with each other the importance of the day.

Family Album Project

Together you can create a Parent’s day album. You may include your children, but make it more about you and your spouse. Have each other select pictures that remind you of parenting moments in the past year. Share with each other why the pictures and specific memories are so special to you. Take the time to identify the strength of each parenting style or skills.

Private lunch

Get a babysitter for a couple of hours and go out for lunch as a couple. It is a good time to spend some alone time and will offer a needed break from the children. Lunch conversation should be concentrated on where you are as parents and where you want to be. It is the time to redefine goals and family objectives. Don’t be afraid to talk about expectations and even unmet expectations. But also remember to celebrate the parent in each other.

Family Get-together

The role of parenting is not only limited to what you and your spouse do on a daily basis, but also includes the input of others, like your parents, family members and friends. Celebrate their role in your life by hosting a family get-together. Talk about being parents and have everybody share their parenting experiences. The children can play together while the parents share and learn from each other. You and your spouse can learn from others, especially from your own parents.

So this parents’ day, celebrate being a parent and make it into an annual family celebration.

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