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  • The Big Mistakes That Couples Make When Marrying Overseas

    The Big Mistakes That Couples Make When Marrying Overseas

    The Big Mistakes That Couples Make When Marrying Overseas

    Every bride wants to have an incredible wedding day, one that goes without any problems. And if you plan on getting married abroad, then the chance of a mishap is even higher. Reports suggest that the number of couples planning to marry overseas is increasing which means that they should be well prepared and know the potential mistakes they can make.

    The ideal overseas wedding involves a magical ceremony, most likely on the sandy beach with the picturesque colors of the sunset in the background and the venue decorated in the most amazing of ways. Here are some of the big mistakes that couples make when marrying overseas.

    Roam in the sun

    When marrying overseas, couples find it tempting to take advantage of the sunshine as much as they can before tying the knot. However, experts advice skipping all the sunbathing plans until you’ve gotten married. In fact, couples gearing up for marriage are advised to avoid the sun as much as they can before their marriage. It is quite easy for people to give into the temptation of sunbathing, particularly if they are in an exotic location such as the Caribbean. Couples are also advised to book an appointment in an indoor spa just before their big today instead of putting themselves under the scorching gaze of the sun. Moreover, this way, brides, and grooms, particularly those with a lighter complexion can avoid turning up with red colored skin on their big day!

    Choose the wrong dress

    Couples should also carefully think about the kind of material they choose for their wedding day. If your wedding is in a hot place, then it is better to go for lighter fabrics since it is going to get sweaty with all the dancing and greeting people. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your dream dress, but it is suggested that you change your dress after you are done with your vows. Similarly, men should also choose linen suits in paler colors; these will look great too! Also, remember that for your big day, you need something light and manageable that also suits the climate. Don’t forget to pick a dress for your bridesmaids too!

    Inviting too many people

    If you are marrying abroad, then you need to be careful when planning your invite list. You don’t want to invite as many people as you can. Instead, you want to invite those who you would like to see there. If you invite too many people, then you just might have to pay for their accommodation and travel too, adding to your expenses. Remember to push out your invites months before your wedding too, so that people can book their flights and hotels accordingly.

    Expecting everyone to turn up

    Since you are marrying in another country, you should remember that traveling to a new country for a wedding is not the same as doing across town. Keep in mind that many people might not be even able to make it not because they don’t care for you enough, but because there can be issues of time and money. So, you don’t need to be disheartened on your big day; you can just arrange a small after-party for those that were unable to make it.

    Keep in mind that many people might not be even able to make it

    Not caring about the legalities

    You should, in no condition, simply dismiss the legalities of the place where you are getting married. Make sure you find out if the marriage can be made official in that place or if it is possible for you to have a wedding at your dream venue. Apart from doing extensive research, you are also advised to take help from a local planner.

    Choosing the wrong footwear

    Most likely, you will have to sacrifice your heels when choosing shoes, particularly if you are having a beach wedding. You don’t want your feet to get stuck in the sand as you walk down the aisle! So, it is better to choose some sparkly sandals or pumps; something you can comfortably dance and walk in.

    Picking the wrong menu

    You need to keep the weather in mind when deciding the foods and drinks that you want to serve in your wedding, including the cake. Spending a fortune on a cake only to have it melt before you cut it is a waste of money. Plus, if you are in a hot location, then keep the guests well-hydrated too.

    You need to keep the weather in mind when deciding the foods and drinks

    Forgetting all about the heat

    If you are planning your wedding in a hot place, then you need to be careful about your timing. You should avoid the sun at midday since it can get unbearably hot and instead get married in the evening. This way, you will also have to feed your guests only once, thus reducing your total bill.


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