Being Thankful for Your Marriage

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Use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to celebrate your marriage

Thanksgiving is the special day set aside to remember that our forefathers gave thanks to God for blessing them. What better time to stir up the thankfulness in your heart for your marriage and to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to celebrate your marriage. Although being grateful for your spouse is something you should cultivate every day, Thanksgiving can be the catalyst that you need to get into some good habits of giving thanks in your marriage.


Here are four helpful habits which can make a huge difference in your relationship with your spouse:


Start a thankfulness journal

Go and buy a lined notebook or journal and place it somewhere central in your home, like the kitchen table. Every day, you and your spouse can take turns to write down one (or two or more) reasons that you are thankful for each other. It’s the little things that count and simple expressions of gratitude for making dinner or fixing something in the house can go a long way to brighten each other’s day.


Take a walk together

On Thanksgiving Day (and whenever possible) take a walk in the outdoors hand in hand with your spouse. Just being in the fresh air is rejuvenating and the mere act of walking together in the same direction can strengthen your relationship as you move forward step by step. And as you walk breathe deeply and be thankful.


Pray for each other

As you remember to be thankful for each other, it is also important to thank God and to pray for and with your spouse. This does not have to be long or dreary – even the busiest couples can find time for spontaneous, informal prayers which will build their spiritual connection with one another and with God.


Be a blessing to others

A wise person once said that true love does not consist in gazing at each other but rather in looking together in the same direction. As you turn your focus outwards as a couple this Thanksgiving, look for others to whom you can be a blessing and those around you who are in need. As you give to others, your marriage will be strengthened and you can celebrate with thanksgiving in your hearts.


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