5 Tips To Stay Romantic On A Budget

Nowadays everyone feels like a dollar just ain’t worth what it used to be. That’s okay, because there are still ways to enjoy your significant other and not break the bank. You can still keep the spark alive with these fun and easy ideas that will re-ignite the flame and allow you to have some alone time with the person you love.


1. Write What You Feel.

Take a moment to reflect on the things you really like or appreciate about your partner but often neglect to say. Write them down in a little note or on a decorative card., and put it someplace where it will surprise her or him like under a pillow or on their car’s dashboard). Everyone likes surprises so be creative with yours. Remember when you were a kid how thrilled your Mom was when you gave her a card you had made saying she was special! You’ll be surprised at how romantic this sort of gesture can be and what a positive effect it will have. If writing is not your strong suit just keep your sentiments short and sincere.


2. Go “Out” to Eat Together.

Making reservations and going out for an expensive dinner is traditionally a popular way to show your partner that you care. Due to the expense, this gesture is usually reserved for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays. Try using the same concept of a fancy dinner out but at home and not necessarily on a special occasion. The reason people usually like romantic dinners is because of the ambiance and the beauty of the setting. With a little planning, a few candles, a decorative presentation and some soft music you can bring the joy of fine dining into your home, especially if you leave the TV off and spend the time talking with each other. Some people make a regular once a month or even once a week habit of these “date nights”. If cooking is not your best talent, order take out and serve it on your best dishware.


5 Tips To Stay Romantic On A Budget


3. Catch a Flick.

Movies are a great way to de-stress with your part- ner. They allow you to sit back and forget about life’s challenges while sitting shoulder to shoulder with the one you love. If you catch a matinee before 5pm you can both see a movie for about $15. If that’s a bit more than you would like to spend, try joining your local movie store or online movie rental site. A single movie is usually less than $5 and can be enjoyed without even leaving the house. For the full effect, add some popcorn and drinks! Once you both are relaxed and reconnected, be open to the opportunity of sexual intima- cy with your partner. This intimacy can suffer when couples do not make time for romance.


4. Go Hear Some Music.

A concert can make for a fun date night. With ticket prices, convenience fees and parking though it can also be an expensive night. There are however some great alternatives to attending concerts at traditional music venues. Look through your local mainstream and alternative newspapers each week for the entertainment cal- endars. This is a great way to see what kind of activities are going in your area. Many churches, coffee shops and bars all regularly have music at low or no cost. University bands are also a great option depending on the type of music you both like. Music students are eager to play and always need an audience. Why not let it be you!


5. Phone in Your Feelings.

In this day and age, cell phones are a common part of everyday life. Use yours to send a romantic text message to your partner. It can be a pleasant surprise to receive a random message in your inbox. If your partner keeps his or her phone off during the work day, a message from you can be a great find during a break in the day. It can also initiate intimate moments later on!

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