5 Tips To Avoid Arguments With Your Spouse During Your Summer Trip

Summer trips are supposed to be a time to unwind and have some fun with your spouse, but sometimes the stress of travel and close quarters can get the best of you, leading to bickering.

5 Tips To Avoid Arguments With Your Spouse During Your Summer Trip

Use the following 5 tips to help you avoid arguments with your spouse during your summer trip so that you can focus on having fun together.

Be Organized

Most arguments on a trip stem from the stress of something going wrong, like forgetting to pack something important or getting lost. Being organized can help things go smoothly for your trip and your relationship.  Make a checklist together of what you need to pack from passports and maps to his favorite Hawaiian shirt that makes you cringe. Check the list off together as you pack so nothing gets left behind and no one person has to take the blame for something missed.

Have the Money Talk

There’s nothing quite like money to get a perfectly loving couple arguing. Talk about your vacation budget beforehand so that you can avoid arguing over who spends what while away. Pick your battles when it comes to money by deciding what’s worth splurging on and what isn’t. Is his $12 beer or your $20 sarong really worth ruining your day over?

Don’t Set Your Expectations Sky-High

Women are especially guilty of expecting everything to be “perfect” when going away with their spouse. Yes, we’d love our trip to be romantic and for our husbands to shower us with endless affection and attention, and then get sulky and even angry when he opts for an afternoon of golf or lounging by the pool instead of romantic lunch by the sea. It’s not fair for either of you because you’re setting him up for failure and you up for disappointment. There’s nothing like a vacation to bring out a side of your husband that you don’t often get to see at home, but at the end of the day, he is still the same person and expecting otherwise will only lead to an argument.

Watch those Sexpectations

Vacation is a time to let loose and couples tend to enjoy more intimacy than usual while away because they’re away from the everyday stresses of work and home. While this is great, it can also be the source of tension when one person is exhausted from a day of sightseeing and the other (not always the man) is feeling especially frisky from the change of pace. Being rejected never feels good, so be aware of the words and actions you use if you’re the one saying no to a night of nooky. And if it’s him turning you down, don’t take it personally. He likely really is just tuckered out from all the fun. There’s always the morning …

Plan to Do Things You Both Enjoy

Your idea of a good time may be beach and shopping while his involves zip lining or strapping in to catch a big fish. Talk about what you both would like to do while away and make the effort to do things that you both enjoy even if it means alternating days to do what the other wants. Be willing to compromise to avoid arguments and to ensure that you both get what you want out of your trip and be clear about what you want too.

Summer is short and trips even shorter, so do what you can to avoid wasting precious time arguing. The trip is for you and your spouse, so work together to make sure that you both enjoy your time away and each other.

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