4 Great Apps For Married Couples

4 great apps for married couples

Do you think app based technologies only propagate superficial friendships, quick dating and shallow relationships? Then you probably have not come across the set of latest trending apps dedicated to couples. Some of these apps are actually very thoughtful and help couples build deeper connections and strong relationships.

Check out these 4 apps that can be really helpful for couples in relationships-

1. Fix a fight

Fix a fight

Fix a fight app is way ahead of its time! Psychotherapist and marriage counselor Mark McGonigle launched this app to help couples resolve conflicts. It suggests ways to partners to express themselves in a way that their problem gets solved without any arguments. For those who access the app after their conflict, it suggests different ways to ‘fix their fights’. It also features some relaxing exercises that helps partners calm down after a heated argument.

2. Couple

CoupleThe Couple app is very useful for couples in long distance relationships. They no longer have to spend huge amounts of money on phone bills. The couple app connects people through app based phone calls, video calls and texts. Its another interesting feature is that couples can exchange private pictures through the app and can set them to disappear after a specified period of time.

3. Dirty game

Dirty game


This app can add oodles of spice to your sex lives. It is mostly a sexy version of the game truth and dare. The Dirty Game app suggests partners to ask some steamy questions and give daring tasks to each other. It brings a fresh surprise element into regular sex lives of couples.

4. Avocado


The Avocado app lets couples create to-do lists, memos and notes collaboratively. If you are one of those couples who often forgets to do some chores or run some errands, or do it twice due to miscommunication, then this app can be really handy for you. You can create a list of activities to be done and cross out as and when the tasks are completed. The activities crossed out by one partner will be visible to the other immediately. This will ensure that no efforts are wasted in doing one activity twice.

These apps are surely going to make your relationship more healthy and interesting!

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