15 Ways Single Women Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day

15 Ways Single Women Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day 2017 and you’re still single. Wow, who would have thought? I’m sure you thought that things would be different and you would not be single on Valentine’s Day, AGAIN. Well, believe it or not, you’re SINGLE, along with many other women, and it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day, but there is something wrong if you’re waiting on Mr. Right to enjoy this day. Your happiness should not be based on whether or not you’re with someone on Valentine’s; regardless if you’re single or not, you should take time to enjoy this day.

So many single women dread this day

For some, Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t have fun and enjoy yourself. I know it’s easy to become frustrated, sad, and angry on this day because year after year, after year, you’ve been single, but life shouldn’t stop because another Valentine’s Day has come and you haven’t met Mr. Right.

You should continue to enjoy your life and make today a positive day for yourself and for those around you. Think about what you can do for yourself on Valentine’s Day, how you can make yourself happy. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you should stop living on this Day or stop enjoying life. Think about this, you could be in a relationship, and still feel single, empty, frustrated, and not be satisfied, so being coupled-up doesn’t mean you will have different feelings about Valentine’s day, and don’t think that if you had someone you would feel different, because that’s not the case.

This Valentine’s Day, think about what you can do different this year

Think about activities that bring you joy and what makes you laugh. Are you having a difficult time changing your situation or accepting where you are in life? If you find the latter to be true, acknowledge it and identify ways you can change your perception about Valentine’s Day. You can start changing your perception by focusing on things that matter, things that bring you joy and learning to embrace your season of singleness. One of the things many single women fail to realize is that once Valentine’s Day is over, you still have to find ways to deal with your feelings and develop an understanding as to why you feel the way you do. So make the best of this day by doing the following:  

  1. Go out and meet someone new
  2. Take yourself out on a date
  3. Go out with friends and have fun
  4. Treat yourself to your favorite flowers, roses and chocolate
  5. Watch your favorite movie
  6. Take a one-day vacation to your favorite place
  7. Throw yourself a party
  8. Do whatever you want
  9. Buy your favorite teddy bear
  10. Go to your favorite restaurant and ask for a table or one, and order what you want
  11. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful
  12. Look yourself in the mirror and say “I love you”
  13. Be your own Valentine
  14. Count your blessings
  15. Be thankful you’re not in an unhealthy relationship

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring, frustrating, or sad, you can actually enjoy life and have fun. Valentine’s Day is what you make it, you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad.  Make this Valentine’s Day the best day ever and don’t wait on Mr. Right to make you happy, buy you flowers, roses, or chocolate. Do this for yourself!

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