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  • Witty, Raw, Comedic Television: A Review of Catastrophe

    catastrophe review

    Catastrophe is Amazon’s brilliant British sitcom about marriage and relationships. The show surrounds Sharon Morris, played by Sharon Horgan and Rob Norris (Rob Delaney) who are facing an unexpected pregnancy that resulted from a brief affair. After meeting in a bar, they hit it off and enjoyed a week of passion. Rob was in the United Kingdom on business and had to fly home soon after. A few weeks later while back home in Boston he learns the surprising news and returns to London to be with Sharon and their unborn child.

    What’s it about?

    Although the show is based on a simple premise, the comedy and delightful raunchiness brings it to a whole new level. The well written episodes, co-written by Horgan and Delaney, combined with the quick and witty deliverance of dialogue injects so much hilarity into each show although Rob and Sharon are dealing with a very serious situation. Not only are they soon to be parents discussing getting married and starting an actual relationship but there are complications thrown into the mix. One of those complications being a high risk pregnancy. Morris is over 40 which means a pregnancy full of consultations and exams. That is what sets Catastrophe apart from other sitcoms. Although every episode is packed with adult humor, serious issues are addressed which makes the storyline more real and the characters very relatable.

    Another plus of Catastrophe is the fact that these two people found each other unexpectedly, are now connected forever and are surprisingly compatible. They share a similar sense of humor which is best described as irreverent and racy and they just click. The other characters including Rob’s mother played by Carrie Fisher and Fergal, Sharon’s forever drunk brother add even more life to the sitcom.

    The final verdict

    Overall, Catastrophe is a must see. It is a real, honest and an extremely funny show. Each episode brings something refreshing and unexpected to the entertainment world. It is electric, entertaining and raw. Catastrophe has everything viewers want including great lead actors, likeable characters, and excellent writing. Give it a chance and tune in. You will be binge-watching before you know it.

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