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  • Waiting Too Long And Getting Married Too Young, Both Likely To End in Divorce


    Waiting too long and getting married too young

    The idea of “the right marriageable age” is not very popular among the youth and the working class. Most people slam this concept as regressive and backward. Common belief is that age has no significance in the success of a marriage. But studies by University of Maryland’s sociologist, Philip N. Cohen suggest otherwise: couples who get married between the age of 26 to 45 years have a high percentage of successful marriages. Whereas couples who get married before 26 and after 45 years of age have a higher percentage of divorce.

    Possible reasons for divorce of couples who get married too young


    • Overwhelmed by challenges of marriage

    Young couples get married to find their “happily ever after”, but what they don’t realize is that marriage is not that simple. It is the beginning of a complex process. Marriage requires efforts, sacrifices and understanding. Challenges and complications of marriage overwhelm them.

    • Unfulfilled expectations

    When people look for a partner to get married to, they judge them on the basis of their appearance, education and achievements. Younger couples cannot be certain of any of these qualities till they grow older. So, many such couples get divorced because one or both partners do not turn out to become what the other partner had expected them to be.

    • Financial Instability

    Younger couples generally do not enjoy impressive financial resources. Financial instability stresses couples and increases arguments between them, which damages their relationship. Failure in coping with financial troubles is one of the major reasons why young couples get divorced.

    Young marriages mostly fail; this points out that there’s a dearth of maturity in these couples. But what about those who get married after 45 years of age? By that age most people become as mature as they can be. But even that does not deter them from getting divorced in case of financial complication!

    Why do people who get married in their forties get divorced?

    Here are 2 possible reasons:

    • Getting married for the wrong reasons

    The fear of ending up alone sometimes is the reason for people to get married in their mid life. In that case, they tend be become impatient and overlook crucial factors like compatibility and understanding, which are essential for a good marriage.

    • Mid life crisis

    Mid life has its own set of challenges for men and women. Men tend to evaluate their achievements and earnings. Women evaluate the success of their careers and relationships. These evaluations may not have pleasant results. Sometimes it makes them realize that they have not led the lives that they had aspired for which leaves them dissatisfied. Women along with mental challenges, also go through physical ones, like menopause. This crisis sometimes makes the midlife couples irritable and frustrated which ultimately ruins their marriage.

    These are some possible reasons for the increased rate of divorce in very young and midlife couples. However it does not hold true for all the couples falling in this category. Every couple is different. Some relationships overcome the hurdles of marriage and some just don’t.

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