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  • Marriage Movie to Watch this Weekend: The Wedding Ringer

    Wedding ringer: Movie review

    Weekends present the opportunity to have fun and wind down after a long and busy week. This is especially the case for married couples. On the weekend you get to reconnect and spend some quality time together. What better way to do that than snuggling up on the couch and watching a funny movie? Enjoying some one on one time is the best and sharing a few laughs in the process makes it even better. The movie to watch this weekend is The Wedding Ringer.

    An entertaining treat

    This hilarious film starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad is a socially awkward tax attorney named Doug Harris (Gad) preparing for his upcoming nuptials. Two weeks before his wedding Doug realizes that he has a problem, he has not selected a best man for his wedding and does not have groomsmen either. Soon enough he begins to worry and is referred to Best Man Inc. which is owned by Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart). Callahan’s company provides best men for awkward guys like Doug. Once Doug and Jimmy meet, the hilarity ensues. The movie encompasses the unavoidable charade that is planning a wedding 20 times thanks to the characters as well as Doug and Jimmy’s developing friendship. The chemistry between Hart and Gad is undeniable. Both actors play off of each other so well on screen and are a brilliant comedic duo. Other stars in The Wedding Ringer include Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Jorge Garcia, Cloris Leachman and Mimi Rogers to round out the amazing cast.

    The cast combined with the funny characters and storyline makes this movie perfect for a relaxing evening at home with your spouse. Make a little event out of it. You can set a time to watch the movie, turn down the lights, grab a blanket and make some popcorn. Something as simple as watching a movie together can benefit a relationship. You get to be close, laugh and there is a topic for conversation afterwards. You may even start to reminisce about your own wedding. The important thing is to have a good time and enjoy the film as well as the company.

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