Study Suggests That Well Slept Couples Are More Satisfied


A recent study published in the Journal of Family Psychology revealed that sleep is the real key to a happy marriage. The study comprised of 68 newly married participants who had to record their sleep patterns for one week. They were required to maintain a diary where they had to pen down their feelings about their marriage and the ongoing condition of their relationship. Scientists evaluated these records using the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale to determine the effect of sleep on their marriages. The results reflected a positive relationship between hours of sleep taken by the participants and the level of satisfaction they experienced with respect to their marriage.

Decoding the positive effects of sleep on marriages

Relationships do not blossom without substantial efforts. Among them, marriage is the most complicated and intimate forms of relationship, that requires the maximum amount of work. The efforts and energy forgone to make a relationship work needs to be replenished, hence optimum amount of sleep is essential. The purpose of the study was to numerically reinforce a very obvious correlation between need for rest and work in a marriage.

What happens when couples are sleep deprived

1. Irritable mood

Sleep deprivation causes eye burning sensations, body aches and fatigue.These symptoms make a person irritable and angry.Married couples who sleep much less than what their body needs become irritable in time. They could even frustrate each other out.

2. Bitter comments leading to arguments

An irritable mood can tick off anyone for the slightest of reasons. An angry partner is likely to make a bitter comment which in turn could provoke the other partner. Eventually the comments could escalate to a bigger argument.

3. Bickering over chores

When people are not well slept, they have less energy. Married people as it is struggle to divide chores. In case partners are sleep deprived, they try to push their burden on the other which causes them to bicker.

4. Unable to decipher partner’s feelings

A Journal published by the University of California states that deciphering other people’s emotions and feelings becomes difficult for those who haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Married people too face such problems when they don’t sleep well. They are not able to comprehend their partner’s feelings. This creates negativity among couples and reduces the level of marital satisfaction.

If you are concerned about your marriage, the answer could be as simple as a good night’s sleep. Sleeping rejuvenates your mind, body and soul and gives you the strength to overcome the challenges that come with marriage.

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