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  • 3 Give Away Signs According to Science That Predict Divorce

    3 Give Away Signs According to Science That Predict Divorce

    Signs According to Science That Predict Divorce

    Nobody plans to get divorced when they get married. The partners are both in love and enter the bond of marriage with high hopes and dreams, wishing to spend the rest of their lives together, have children, a family and build a home of their own. But sometimes, all these dreams and hopes go in vain with the spouses having irreconcilable differences and end up with no other option but to eventually break their marriage. It is always sad to see people who once loved each other now having issues in getting along.

    Reasons that result in breaking up of marriage

    Divorce has been on the rise for a couple of years now. A lot of marriages in America end up in divorce. The number of reasons that result in breaking up of marriage such as poor relations between spouses, financial crisis, arguments, cheating or extramarital affairs, lack of sex, the role of friends and family and many others. However, before you end up with this issues, there are a few signs that can hint possible divorce further down the lane of your relationship. These signs may be clear even in the early stages of marriage when the couple couldn’t possibly have any problem with each other.

    Be mindful of the below mentioned 3 things that are proven by science to be predicting divorce in your relationship.

    1. Being either too late or too early in walking down the aisle

    People tend to get married at different ages as per personal choice. It has been shown that the ideal age for tying the knot in the late 20s because usually at this age, both of the partners are mature enough to understand each other, are financially stable, and have had ample time to date different people and have a clear sense of they want. Marriages too early or too late in life have shown a higher chance of ending up in divorce.

    Early marriages may end up in divorce because of multiple reasons, the most important of them being, the spouses being too young to handle the responsibility of marriage such as household responsibility, child rearing, etc. Moreover, the couples are not mature enough to understand things and their environment and hence, fail to understand each other. Secondly, getting married at a younger age may also mean less education, particularly for women who tend to get caught up in household tasks, pregnancy, and child upbringing. Less education means no career and having less paid jobs. This leads to financial issues which may spark fights, resulting in the decision to separate.

    As for late marriages, although the couples at this point in life are usually settled in terms of thinking and money, divorce is still on the high. The core reason for this is complications in conception. Both men and women have trouble in having healthy babies due to decreased fertility, genetic problems that are accompanied by old age. Moreover, the zeal and excitement of young age have also faded, resulting in a boring marital life that lacks enthusiasm and sexual activities.

    Early marriages may end up in divorce because of multiple reasons

    2. Disrespecting each other

    Lack of communication plays a major role in the separation of couples. Couples who fail to discuss and talk about issues in their relationship with their significant other, instead of saving their marriage may be placing their marriage at risk. No communication means no physical intimacy either, resulting in building up of contempt and either of the partner finding interest somewhere else.

    When partners begin disrespecting each other, this means they no longer consider the other as an equal. They consider the other as worthless and begin disregarding them, criticizing each other’s behavior, and losing all value for them and block off all communication. This may lead to frequent arguments and fights and increased hatred for each other. At this point, many simply choose to part ways rather than working and investing further into this marriage.

    3. Being over affectionate when newlywed can lead to marital issues

    It is common for newlyweds to be head over heels crazy for each other, wanting to spend every minute of the day together, having their hands on each other, but sometimes being too affectionate when you initially get married may pose serious problems for later in your relationship. This is because this kind of intensity cannot be maintained throughout.

    Gradually, the spouses return to their daily life and often require some space. In addition, once they have children, all the attention of the parents is directed entirely towards their bundle of joy. This may cause resentment among spouses. They may ask each other to provide them with the same love and attention they had been accustomed to when they first got married and complained if the other fails to do so. As a result, they might fight more often, and some might just resort to gaining affection from some other means such as affairs outside of marriage.

    Being over affectionate when newlywed can lead to marital issues

    Final take away

    The said things need to be taken care of as soon as the two get married. In case of noticing any of these signs, attempts should be made in fixing it and working to saving your marriage instead of letting it get the best of your relationship and eventually, destroying it.

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