Should you Buy Christmas Gifts for your Spouse’s Family?

Christmas Gifts for your Spouse’s FamilyThere are no set rules as to who you should or shouldn’t buy Christmas gifts for. This is something you and your spouse would need to decide together. Your decision would depend on several factors such as your budget, expectations and traditions of your spouse’s family. Buying a gift or two on Christmas is always a sweet and thoughtful gesture that can improve your relationship with your extended family.


If you decide to get them gifts, these are a few options you might consider:


Wish Lists

Many families find wish lists helpful rather than striking out into the dark as it were and risking getting something that is either inappropriate or will never be looked at again. When making a wish list it is important to have some kind of budget framework, so that your family does not write down something that is way more expensive than the range you had in mind. Although wish lists take away the surprise element to some extent, they do ensure that the gift you choose is something that will be appreciated and enjoyed.


Joint Gifts

Giving joint gifts mean that you buy one gift per couple or per family, instead of buying for each individual. This can be kinder on the finances and still shows your goodwill. Finding an appropriate gift that will be appreciated by all members could take a bit of creativity and imagination. Some possibilities may include a fun board game or jigsaw puzzle to be enjoyed by the whole family, or perhaps a box of their favourite liqueur chocolates or a special bottle of wine.


Secret Santa Exchanges

Secret Santa Exchanges can be a really fun and enjoyable way of making sure that each person gets a gift. This is especially helpful if there is going to be a big family gathering with lots of uncles, aunties and cousins. All the names are put into a bag beforehand and each person draws out the name of one person for whom they will buy a special gift. In this way, you need to buy only one gift rather than dozens and it means you can choose something of quality for that one person and not try to spread yourself thinly across everyone.


Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s the heart and thought behind the gift that counts. Your loved ones will know how much you care for them by your words and actions – not necessarily by the gift you give. A lovely card with loving words can go a long way too.

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