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  • Marriage Is Not About Your Happiness but Is About Compromise

    Save Your Marriage- All It Takes Is a Cup of Coffee!

    Save Your Marriage- All It Takes Is a Cup of Coffee

    A cup of coffee is like a marriage and the analogy is not irrational. A cup of joe will not be the same every morning and so will be mornings with your soulmate.

    The person you love is the same, your bond is intact but what happens when something goes wrong and it won’t ever get fixed? The most awful thing is people get separated for good. And would you believe a cup of coffee can improve your marriage and even save it? Keep reading and you will realize how it works.

    Delaying the response

    A random sweet thought can become dispute provoking and it may hurt your relationship so badly. Having a discussion over coffee would let you make understand the situation clearly.

    Let me tell you my story. On the morning of balmy November, my husband said, “let’s move to the country back forever and raise some alpacas on the farm.” We were sipping our coffee and he just said those words. I could’ve said “Mike, really? Are you out of your mind?” This kind of reaction could’ve been a spark to a wildfire but I said: “ I hear you, my love.” I was shocked to get the idea of his being stressed by something. ‘I hear you’ means ‘I am listening and that doesn’t say I am agreed to what you have said’

    That day later I discussed what was going on with him over coffee and I got to know how coffee has saved the day. So, take a deep breath, calm your nerves and just be yourself.


    Sometimes a bad day and a wrong choice of words create the whole mess. Occasional and casual meetings over coffee with cousins, friends, or siblings can kill the awful arguments.

    Vent out in front of them and if your beloved one has got on your nerves last time.

    Sometimes all you need is some listening ears and if you vent out in front of your beloved one then it is going to get only worse for sure. Socializing over coffee is a great way you can avoid big wrong things.

    Expressing what you want

    There is one more instance when I was with my husband. On a dinner date, he suddenly insisted me to go for a movie on the late-night show. I didn’t want to deny as I too wanted that. But the thing was, I was feeling tired and didn’t want to ruin the date.

    I told him: “Mike, I’m feeling tired and want to enjoy our date. I’d need a cup of coffee so that we could stay up till late in the night and enjoy your movie.” Coffee became the savior and you can imagine how it could’ve gone wrong if I simply said ‘No’.

    Expressing what you want


    I and Mike follow a ritual that makes us feel more connected to each other. We never depart for our work before our morning coffee on the same table. I am booked as his coffee companion and the vice versa. This drags us closer and allows us to understand each other better despite our difference of opinion, hectic work schedule and workload.

    Coffee has made my marriage a blissful experience and so it can be yours. When in solitude, a cup of coffee and my books make my world surreal and those disputes stay far away from me and Mike.

    Nowhere to go but everywhere to be. Live in a coffee surreal world and you’ll know her. Coffee, camera, ink, pages, travelling, and memories. You can follow her story on coffeemakered.com.
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