Put Some Spring Into Your Relationship


Spring is here! The sun shines longer, the flowers start blooming, and people often become happier. And yes, with Spring comes the excitement and vitality of Spring Fever.  So, with the seasonal change, why not change it up a little in your relationship too? Try new and exciting things. Soon enough, your relationship will also shine, bloom and become happier! With the following tips, maybe your relationship will catch Spring Fever too…

1. The Special Occasion of the Non-Occasion. We all know the importance of remembering and commemorating special occasions. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Etc. Etc. But, you could actually argue that gift giving outside these annual celebrations is an, even more,  special occasion. Why? Because it is more personal, unexpected, and therefore, romantic. So, celebrate the occasion of Just Because.  Girls, how about your partner’s favorite wine. And guys, you can give your girl a gift of relaxation with a spa certificate. These “unwinding” gifts can show your appreciation of each other’s hard work throughout the year. Or guys, you can simply romance your girl at…. well, Romance Her.

2. Dates are not out-dated. Why are dates usually reserved (pun intended) for the start of relationships? Why do marriages and long-term relationships often fall into a boring routine? Well, they don’t have to. Go to your favorite restaurant. Go do something new each date. Just go out! If you’re past the courting stage, dates can give you the best of both worlds: excitement in a stable relationship and stable excitement.

3. Be Nice and Share. Gifts are often defined as items given from one person to another. Redefine gift giving by buying a joint gift together with your beau, for you to share. Selecting, buying and using your joint gift can be a fun bonding experience. Just be nice and share!

4. The Story of Your Life. Journaling is often defined as an individual activity. This can be a fun and fulfilling experience. You can write entries together, documenting your daily, monthly and yearly activities. Or, you can write entries separately; thoughts to share with or mini-letters for your sweetheart.  This is also a great way to open up or further lines of communication with each other. The first step, select your journal.

5. Adult School Sweetheart. When you were a student, you probably spent a lot of time flirting in school. Well, start flirting in class again… with your spouse! There are tons of adult classes available at local colleges and organizations. From cooking to art, to crafts, to philosophy, there are learning opportunities for every interest. And, at the same time, you will probably learn something new about your significant other. So, study a subject and study each other.

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