Parents’ Day Special- Our Companions Of Best & Worst Times In Life

Parents’ Day Special- Our Companions Of Best & Worst Times In Life

They say nothing is perfect, but nevertheless, parents are the most precious gift God has given us. They guide us, berate us, befriend us, understand us like no one else and it pains when they are away as they are always in our thoughts. No matter what life has to offer us, our parents try their best to offer us only the best! From the time that we are born till forever they are the most loyal friends and accompany us in every step that we take.

Those of us who are parents themselves, can really relate to the pains our parents took in our upbringing. It is often said that only after becoming parents ourselves, we start valuing our parents all the more. Infact, most of us will agree on the fact that it will be quite an achievement if we manage to get even half of the qualities that our parents had while raising us up.

Those small little incidents from childhood when a bruise from bicycle fall or a punch from fellow classmate gave mom tearful eyes. Or recall the time when our parents were sleepless the entire night as we were unwell or when they would wake up before us to motivate us during exam time. It is such a shame and let down that as we grow up some of us get so busy with our stuff in life that we tend to overlook what our parents need and feel. Their old age is perhaps the best time when we have a window to show our gratitude towards them. It is indeed one of the biggest joys of our lives to bring smiles to their faces.

Having said that, love and concern for parents is one of the purest feelings in the world and it is best to keep it unadulterated and unaffected by societal or other pressures. Love is best when it is heartfelt and genuine. Fortunate are those who are addressed as parents and can shower love on their parents as well. Small gestures like the below, mean a lot if you really want to show how much your parents mean to you-

1. Family Meals: Ensure that you take atleast one meal in a day with your parents.

2. Sharing Your Stuff: Like everyone else, parents also like it when their advice or viewpoint is sought for small to big issues of our lives. So, may be if we make it a point to tell our parents what our day was like or tell them about a thing or two that has been bugging us, will make them feel wanted and respected.

3. Vacation: Taking vacation together is a great idea to bond with each other. Also, it will help you catch up with each other for all the lost time in our busy lives.

4. Grandchildren Factor: For a parent, there is no joy greater than spending time with grandchildren. Lets gift our parents with this simple yet unmatched happiness.

There are never enough ways to thank our parents for what they have done for us but nevertheless, celebrating a day to show what parents mean to us is a good idea.  Make loving your parents a habit and rejoice from the fact that there are 2 people around you who don’t judge you or betray you ever no matter what you do or where you are. It is indeed a blessing worth treasuring to have a protective shield around us in the form of parents!

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