Obvious Signs Your Partner is No Longer in Love With You

Obvious Signs Your Partner Is No Longer In Love With You

There is no such thing as a clear guideline on how to interpret your partner’s feelings towards you. The whole concept of forming a “love diagnosis” after some random criteria is quite absurd and should not be the basis on which you form conclusions in your love life. However, there are certain signs worth mentioning in regards to this aspect.

Showing less interest or spending less time

Showing less interest or spending less time with you is not always related to how much a person loves you. Everyone expects to be a priority in the eyes of their loved one, but there’s a limit between abnormal and normal expectations. Work or certain urgent matters might sometime interfere in your love life, but that’s to be expected when you’re dating a responsible adult and not a teenager. Being a workaholic can also be the reason for this, but learning your partner’s true nature and accepting it is also part of a normal loving relationship. It’s not as if you weren’t aware until now whether your special someone focuses alot on these aspects in life – unless of course you weren’t paying enough attention. In which case, you should remedy that before drawing erroneous conclusions.

Too many lies

Everybody lies! And it’s not just a popular line in Dr. House’s TV series. It’s the naked truth and it’s quite normal. White lies, unintended lies, obvious lies – we all do this on a regular basis. However, lying to your partner about important matters and having no plausible explanation for doing so is a big issue. Yes, of course, there is a one in a billion chance that your partner has lied about not being able to sleep at home because he has just been told by his doctor that he has an incurable disease and has only a few days left to live, but soap opera scenarios and real life rarely share much in common. Things are normally less complicated than we make them out to be. This does not justify falling prey to paranoid scenarios in which you envision your partner basking in his personal secret harem, but it is normal to search for a logical explanation. Nonetheless, when said explanation is not forthcoming or if such incidents become habits and there is reason for you to believe that you are not being told the truth, chances are you are being lied to. And, that, is usually something a person does not do when they are truly in love with someone.

Too many lies


Love is no longer part of the equation

Do you remember how it felt when you ended up daydreaming about your future with your special someone while you were supposed to be doing something else – like work, maybe? Well, this process might differ a bit in a man’s case, but pondering on someone’s importance in your life and thinking whether you want to share your future with that person is a normal thing for both sexes. When you are no longer included in your partner’s plans for the future, that’s one of those important moments when you should ask yourself “Why?”. Unfortunately, the most common answer to this is that love is no longer part of the equation. No matter the personality, beliefs or cultural heritage, people who are in love with each other share the need to be close to one another and to be strongly linked together, in one way or another. When a person is no longer interested in creating a life together with their partner, chances are that feelings have dwindled.

Lack of respect

Respect is something that comes naturally when you are in love with somebody. You even seem to be impressed by things that normally wouldn’t engender admiration in you. It’s quite a common occurrence when you are in love with someone and although not a lasting reaction, people all around the world act in a similar manner. Although in time, one is able to be more objective when analyzing their partner’s strengths, showing a lack of respect towards your partner is a sign that you no longer have strong feelings for that person.

Total lack of selflessness

People who are in love tend to take care of their partners. The willingness to always do good and protect someone even if that places you in a disadvantageous position is frequent in this instance. Even extremely selfish people are known to leave personal interests aside when they are in love with someone. A total lack of selflessness proves the exact opposite.

While there is a faulty mechanism in setting pre-established patterns to determine whether somebody is still in love with you or not, it is good to know that certain rules apply to every individual. Love is by no means a math equation, but there are certainly unknowns that you should take into consideration no matter the person or circumstance.

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