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  • New Year’s Resolutions for Your Marriage

    new year rsolution for marriage

    The New Year signifies a fresh start which is why we make resolutions. As the New Year approaches, we feel the urge to improve ourselves and make plans to do so. Personal resolutions are awesome but do not forget your marriage. The New Year is the time for couples to make resolutions together and better their relationships.


    Below are five New Year’s resolutions to consider for your marriage.

    1. Improve communication

    Good communication requires listening, honesty, respect and the ability to read nonverbal cues. To improve communication, both spouses must be able to put aside their point and listen, even when things get heated. Honesty also matters because lies have no place in a healthy relationship. When trust is lost, communication goes with it. As for respect, it creates a safe environment that promotes openness and nonverbal cues help steer conversation in a positive direction by providing further insight on what your partner is thinking and how he/she is feeling.

    2. Make more time for intimacy

    Sexy time contributes to the emotional and physical connection between spouses. In 2016, make intimacy a priority. Whether you need to spice things up, make more time for sex or initiate more often, go for it! Your marriage will improve drastically.

    3. Stop taking each other for granted

    This upcoming year is the time to start appreciating your spouse more. Think about all the things he/she does for you on a daily basis. The list is probably quite lengthy. Say thank you often, show your appreciation with a kiss and just say, “I appreciate you.” every once in awhile. A common source of conflict in relationships is one or both persons not feeling appreciated. Don’t allow that source of conflict in your marriage.

    4. Have fun

    A marriage full of laughs and fun times is a healthy one. Life can get dull so when you and your spouse have an opportunity to be alone, have a fantastic time together. Be playful, laugh, be a little wild and most importantly, set aside time to escape from your daily routine and responsibilities. Fun brings spouses closer.

    5. Discuss emotions more openly

    This year, work on being more vulnerable by not masking emotions. Openly discussing feelings allow couples to really understand one another and draws them closer. When you are feeling a certain way, share it and listen when your spouse is sharing how he/she feels.

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