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  • Marriage is Much More Beneficial to Men than Women, Study Reveals

    Marriage is much more beneficial to men than women

    Marriage is considered to be a health booster for both couples, but study says that marriage is actually more beneficial to men than women. In fact, women hardly benefit from tying the knot. It is men who live much healthier lives after getting married. Research indicates that unmarried men are more likely to suffer health issues than single women. “Not marrying or cohabiting is less detrimental to women than men, said Dr. George Ploubidis, a population health scientist at the UCL institute of Education.  


    Single middle aged women were found to have the same chances of developing a combination of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, much like their married counterparts. Overall, it is found that married people enjoy better health compared to those who never married.

    Is marriage good for health?

    The institution of marriage is said to benefit people because of numerous psychological and physical reasons. It is believed that wives encourage their husbands to be physically fit, take proper diet and visit doctors for regular check-ups. Moreover, women are always thought to benefit emotionally as they value the importance of a relationship.

    Is marriage good for health

    Staying in long term relationships has been proven to keep individuals happy and healthy. Research also suggests that marriage could lessen the risk of anxiety and depression and those who are married are less likely to feel depressed than those who are single.


    Positive (and even negative) relationships can definitely impact a person’s health. But working on your marriage can actually benefit your overall wellbeing. Remember, loving your spouse cannot cure a serious disease, but building a strong relationship can improve your spirit and lower your stress.




    Pragya Rawat is a content writer at Marriage.com. A writer by day and reader by night, she writes blog posts for the website on relationship, marriage and other current topics.

    She is a graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism from Amity University, India.

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