Make Romance a Priority in your Married Life

Romance a Priority in your Married Life

There is this extremely sweet video online of an elderly man waiting for his wife at the airport. He is standing with a lovely bouquet of flowers in hand and what looks like a card or letter. Soon enough, his wife arrives and they look very happy to see one another. They greet each other with a kiss, embrace and enjoy being reunited. The video is very romantic and their visible emotions make it all the better. This couple is the perfect example of romance for life. Their love and affection towards each other give us all hope that keeping the romance alive is possible.

 Why it’s important?

Keeping the romance alive in a marriage matter because it maintains the spark, the passion and the deep emotional connection solely present in romantic relationships. In order for a marriage to stand the test of time, both parties must be fulfilled. Without that passion and emotional fulfillment, a couple can become disconnected. A lasting marriage is a healthy one and the secret to a healthy marriage is making romance a constant. Doing so is a fun and exciting activity that will strengthen the relationship and make you as well as your spouse feel incredible.


Ways to Keep Romance Alive

Every married couple can learn something from this video. Flowers combined with a kiss and an embrace created a memorable moment. Fortunately, it is easy for couples to keep the romance alive. To start, make it a point to check in with your partner every day in order to keep the lines of communication open. In addition to checking in with your partner, keep things interesting. This can be done by showing your appreciation, setting aside time to be together, breaking away from routine and just being intimate. Intimacy goes beyond the bedroom. There are several types of intimacy which include intellectual, experiential, emotional as well as sexual. Intellectual involves sharing thoughts and ideas while experiential focuses on time spent together. Emotional intimacy, on the other hand, involves awareness of each other’s feelings and sexual is about a sensual expression like touching, kissing and intercourse.

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