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  • Little Things That can Ruin Your Marriage

    Little things that can ruin your marriage

    One of the best of things that happens when you get married is that, you become extremely comfortable with your partner. Baring your mind, body and soul to someone you love is truly liberating. However being too comfortable with your partner has its own set of adversities. With time, it strips your relationship of excitement and glimmer. That’s not all. The biggest damage excessive comfort does to your married life is that, it gives you the freedom to live in any which way you like in front of your partner but makes you apathetic to how they feel about it. These “liberties” can slowly drill a hole into your relationship and can drive it to the end.

    Living life your own way doesn’t intrinsically endanger your married life, in fact it is very healthy. But there are certain habits we tend to foster, when we live in a way that pleases us. These habits might not necessarily please our partners. Continuously embracing these habits, make our partners annoyed. Later their annoyance snowballs into irritation and then into aggravation.

    Things you should avoid doing in your marriage

    For the sake of a happy married life there are some things that you should avoid doing:

    Do not get late

    However insignificant it sounds, having a partner who is perpetually late at doing things and being at places is extremely inconvenient for a punctual person. Initially it does not seem like a great problem but over time it makes the punctual partner irritable. They lose enthusiasm in going to places and doing things together with their partners.

    Do not skip your share of household chores

    Do not leave your partner alone to do all the chores by themselves. In most couples one partner is tidier than the other. In that case the less tidier partner tries to escape doing chores by saying that they are okay with dirty dishes, clothes and house. This makes the other partner irritable and often results in an argument between the couple. With time these fights cause intense strain to relationships.

    Do not expect your partner to get rid of their hobbies

    You may not like your spouse’s hobby but you should let them indulge anyways. It will make them happy and will have a positive effect on your married life. But of course if their hobby is something destructive or damaging then you should discourage them.

    Do not quit saying the magic words to your partner

    After being married for years, people think that their partner knows exactly how they feel. This is probably true, but still it is important to say some things out loud however obvious they seem. “Sorry”, “thank you” and “please”. You might feel these words are unnecessary between you and your partner but actually they aren’t. These words prevent damage and heal relationships.

    Do not sweep matters of disagreements under the rug

    Some couples tend to avoid fights even if there are some disagreements between them. This is very unhealthy as their conflicts never get resolved. They harbor anger against each other that doesn’t disappear, rather accumulates in the corner of their minds subconsciously. When this repressed anger surfaces, it affects marriage in a much more damaging way.

    These things may seem very insignificant in a relationship but in the long run they matter immensely. Most of the divorces happening around the globe are not because of major relationship problems but some simple ones which become tedious over the years.

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