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  • A Heartbreaking Letter from a Child of Divorce

    A Heartbreaking Letter from a Child of Divorce

    A Heartbreaking Letter from a Child of Divorce

    Divorce is one the worst decisions a parent can make for a child and can also be considered as very selfish. The reason behind divorce is the couples can no longer tolerate each other’s existence.

    This is where they are wrong; once two people decide to enter in a relationship and have children, their life no longer revolves around their happiness; it revolves around their child’s happiness and his needs and wants.

    Once you become a parent, you must sacrifice to make your baby happy and with this sacrifice comes the sacrifice of your happiness, need, want and tolerating your partner’s existence.

    Children tend to suffer due to their parent’s decision.

    They suffer emotionally, physically and mentally; they start falling behind in their studies and even refuse ever to commit when they grow old.

    They tend to have issues with commitment, trust and loving someone; all of these problems arise due to a decision made by the child’s parents.

    A letter written by a child of divorced parents

    Divorce no doubt affects the child the most and due to this many children seek therapy. The most tear-jerking thing a parent can ever come across is a letter written by their child asking them to stay together.

    Here’s a letter from a child of divorce, and it is devastating.

    “I know something is happening in my life, and things are changing but I don’t know what.

    Life is different and I am scared to death of what the future holds.

    I need both my parents involved in my life.

    I need them to write letters, make calls and ask me about my day when I am not with them.

    I feel invisible when my parents are not involved in my life or don’t talk to me often.

    I want them to make time for me no matter how apart they are or how busy and financially weak they get.

    I want them to miss me when I am not around and not forget me when they find someone new.

    I want my parents to stop fighting with one another and work together to get along.

    I want them to agree when it comes to matters related to me.

    When my parents fight about me, I feel guilty and think that I did something wrong.

    I want to feel okay to love them both and I want to feel okay spending time with both my parents.

    I want my parents to support me when I am with the other parent and not get upset and jealous.

    I don’t want to take sides and choose one parent over another.

    I want them to find a way to communicate with one another directly and positively about my needs and wants.  

    I don’t want to be a messenger and I don’t want to get in the middle of their problems.

    I want my parents only to say nice things about one another

    I love both my parents equally and when they say unkind and mean things to each other, I feel very bad.

    When my parents hate each other I feel like they hate me too.”

    A letter written by a child of divorced parents

    Think about your children before getting a divorce

    Kids need both the parents and wants both of them as a part of their life. A child needs to know he can turn towards his parents for their advice when he has a problem without upsetting the other parent.

    A child of divorce cannot move on by himself and will need his parents to help him understand what is happening. It is advised to parents all around the world to please put their kids above their relationship, give them more priority and taking the decision of divorce.

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