Last Minutes Xmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Last Minutes Xmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

It isn’t uncommon for men to procrastinate when it comes to buying a Christmas gift for a girlfriend. Gift shopping can be tough, especially when you have no idea what you want to buy. These last minute Xmas gifts for your girlfriend are sure to put a smile on her face.


You know how she smells so go to the store, browse and choose a perfume you think she will like. Rollerballs are always nice since they are portable and affordable. To increase your chance of choosing a fragrance she will absolutely love, go for something delicate with balance. It should be a little floral and a little fruity with some deep woodsy or musky notes.


Men think jewelry and panic when they start thinking price. The thing is, ladies like inexpensive costume jewelry. Whether you decide on a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings, make sure your selection is pretty, has a high end look and will not turn her skin green. Remember those three things and you are good to go.

Spa day gift certificate

Your girlfriend will think you are the best boyfriend ever! A day of pampering is something that every woman wants. Not only is a day of massages, facials and manicures delightful but such a gift says, “I appreciate you and all that you do” and better yet, “you deserve a day to relax.”

Something tasty

Everyone loves food and something delicious is easy to obtain last minute. Go for a gift like a variety of chocolates, gourmet cookies or a great bottle of wine. Once you have a gift, wrap it up nicely or have it professionally wrapped. Presentation is important!

A gift straight from the heart

Whether you think Christmas is too commercialized or just want to give a gift with more meaning, lead with your heart. Holidays are about love and being close. An idea to consider is filling a mason jar with a series of lovely notes like, “20 reasons I adore you” or just love notes or poems. Another idea is a collection of mementos from the relationship. This can be the wine cork from the bottle the two of you drank on your first date, a movie ticket, etc.

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