How to Spark Things up to Keep the Passion Alive in Relationships

How to Spark Things up to Keep the Passion Alive in Relationships

It doesn’t matter who your partner is and how much you love them, the flame will slowly start burning out after some time if you don’t work on it. To keep the passion alive in their relationships, couples must indulge in a fight with the monotony in their lives.

Sexual boredom is one of the leading factors for visiting couples therapy. Relationships that become sexually unsatisfied must work on it because the whole relationship might just fall apart. Passion in the relationship is very important and must be cherished.

If you don’t want to get to therapy, read some of the ideas to keep the passion alive in a relationship:

1. It takes two to tango

Remember that keeping the passion in the relationship is a job of two people. You have to talk to each other and become aware that the flame is slowly burning out and you need to do something about it.

If one of you can’t realize that the passion must be regained, then the other’s efforts will probably be futile. Try to convince your partner that even they feel comfortable in the relationship, it’s always good to work on it.

2. Communicate and share how you feel

Love, passion, and sex are not strictly physical things. They are mental. All emotions and desires for other people come from the head. We feel passionate about someone just by talking to them.

We underestimate the power of communication and words. Talk to your partner. Talk about things you love and things you like to do with them. Give compliments, express your feelings and desires often. This will create an aura of love and keep the passion alive.

3. Exercise

People tend to forget about how they look after marriage or when they are in a long relationship. Before they became a couple, partners usually look great, but then both usually stop exercising, eat more together and enjoy life.

There’s nothing wrong with that, sharing things you love together is actually excellent for the relationship, but don’t forget about how you look. Everyone likes a partner that looks good. Physical look is as important as the mental attractiveness.

4. Try different things

It is unknown why the passion drops with time, but it is the strongest in the beginning. Maybe it is because people love exploring and learning new things. When a person learns about his or her partner, the passion is the highest.

Always seeing your partner in a different light will make you feel like you’re dating all over again. Experimenting and trying new things in the bedroom is the best for keeping the passion at highest levels.

5. Date your lover

Another idea to feel like you’re always at the beginning of the relationship and thus, keep the passion alive, is dating. Dating like you used to when you were just getting to know each other.

If you feel awkward to date while in the same time living together, you can make a plan to see each other at your favorite restaurant after work, or after one of you leave the kids at your babysitter’s house.  

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