Is Your Man Serious About Your Relationship?

Is Your Man Serious About Your Relationship?

Can you think about living your life without the man you love? If the answer is no, then it means that you’re very serious about your relationship. However, to spend your whole life together it is not enough that only you remain serious about the relationship, your man should also feel the same way. But, sometimes it can get difficult to understand whether he is really looking forward to a future with you or if he still has doubts about the relationship.

So, to give you a clear idea, here is a list of five ways through which you can find out if your man wants to have a family with you. This will help you find out what he has in mind without you having to ask him directly.  

Here are  some ways to know if your man is looking forward to a future with you:

1. Does he take you to his desired places?

If he is serious about your relationship and wants to grow old with you then, he will definitely allow you to peep into his world. If he asks you to go out with him when he is going to his favorite bar, pizza hut or any other place, it means that he wants to spend time with you in his favorite places.  It definitely reflects that you are special to him.

2. Keep an eye on how keenly he is listening to you    

In the middle of a conversation with him, notice if he pays attention to what you are saying or not. If he is not getting diverted through the phone or while looking anywhere else then you should understand that he takes every word of yours very seriously and he genuinely cares about you.

This is a clear sign that you’re someone very important in his life and he already wants to make a family with you.

3. Talk about future with him

You should talk about various pleasant things with him like what should be the theme of your wedding venue, where you should go for your honeymoon and so on. Yes! It might seem like something very cheesy but it does really work!

On doing that, if you notice that he is getting involved in the talk as eagerly as you, then that indicates that he definitely wants to live those moments with you in the future!  

4. Call him at a family & friends get-together

Keep in mind that if he wants to go on a break after certain casual dates then he will definitely not care about meeting your family or friends. So, listen to his reply when you invite him to a party or get-together where your friends and family will be there.

If his response is assertive and he is interested to come, that means he definitely wants to grow a good relationship with them.

So, make sure you do the aforementioned things to know how truly your boyfriend loves you! I can assure you that if you get positive responses from him for these facts then he will definitely marry you in future and you will live happily-ever-after!

Joseph Payne
Joseph Payne is a marketing manager at CouponsMonk. He is passionate about money savings, investment, and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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