Is January Really “the Divorce Month”?

Is January Really “the Divorce Month”?

January is infamously known as the divorce month. There are a few statistical studies in which some divorce law firms have revealed that they experienced a surge in divorce filings in the month of January. However this surge was not experienced by all divorce firms. Therefore it cannot be concluded with certainty that January is really the month of divorce.

But there are factors that indicate that January is the time of year when couples are most likely to file for divorce. Especially married couples who have children and want to get a divorce, for them January is the most convenient time for filing divorce.

Following are some of the reasons why couples choose to get divorced in the month of January:

1. They do not want to ruin the holidays for other family members

The last couple of months of a year are fun and festive in which families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Couples avoid getting a divorce during that time because they don’t want to ruin the holiday season for their families. They generally wait for the holiday season to get over before getting into the formalities of divorce. January therefore is the perfect time to get a divorce as the court reopens during that time and the relatives go back to their homes.

2. The holiday season becomes too stressful for the couple

The couples who are contemplating about getting a divorce, for them the stress from the holiday season sometimes becomes the deal breaker. Couples who already have problems in their relationships come face to face with the challenges of their marriage in the holiday season when they get to spend more time together. When the challenges becomes too much to handle, couples choose to part ways in the following month, i.e, January.

3. They want their children to have one last holiday with both parents

When couples get divorced the children get to spend their holidays with only one of their parents. The couples who have decided to get separated mostly wait for the holiday season to get over before filing for divorce, so that their children can have one last holiday with the whole family.

They want their children to have one last holiday with both parents


4. Parents want to minimize the hurt for their kids

The first monday of January is said to be the most popular day for filing of divorce. This is the day when children go back to school and get back into their routine lives after the holiday season. Parents break the news of their divorce after the holidays so that the kids don’t associate their family breakup with holiday season and they are surrounded by friends to support them through this.

5. They want receive marriage tax exemptions for one last time

Marriage makes couples entitled to certain tax benefits in the U.S. Couples receive tax exemptions when they file taxes together. And for filing taxes together couples must be married till 31st December, the last day of the year. So to receive the tax benefits of marriage for one last time couples file for divorce in the month of January.

6. New year resolution: To not stay in an unhappy marriage

Holidays are the time of year when people reflect and make resolutions to rectify all that is wrong in their lives. People who think they are in a really unhappy and unhealthy marriage, resolve to move on in their lives and get a divorce in the new year. Hence they file for divorce in the beginning of the new year, i.e, in the month of January.

January may or may not be the divorce month, but there are plenty of reasons to explain why couples tend to prefer this month to get divorced.

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