How Accurate Is This Phrase “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Summarizing the conclusion of many movies, man and women fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. But in reality IT’S NOT, marriage is the beginning of a new life. It unites a man and a woman in a permanent bond. So, it is the responsibility of both wife and husband to face good and bad times together by supporting each other.

Why to keep your wife happy?

You may find many answers related to “How to keep your wife happy?” BUT WHY you do so? Here are some of the justifications that how happy wives affect your lives.

  • If you analyze your daily routine; you go to office, came back home, may spend time with friends, parents or kids but at the end of the day you are always with your wife. If her mood is not good and she always argues, your whole day will be ruined. Thus, you will not be pleased with your personal life.
  • If your wife is unhappy she will not satisfy your emotions, you may look for another woman (as this is a human nature). This will ultimately lead to separation; you, your wife and your children will suffer throughout their lives. Let’s rewind this story, if you discuss your problems with your wife she will most probably understand your situation and act accordingly. If you trust her, appreciate her for little things she do for you then your marriage will be long-lasting. Your children will be more confident and your life will be much easier and stress free.
  • If your wife is happy she will give you a perfect body massage. Daily massage at the end of tiring day is quite relaxing, believe me.
    Happy wife trusts you, thus encourage you to take bold steps like starting your own business. Without her consent you can’t make big decisions because of fear of failure. I guess you have heard this phrase “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”; in most of the cases it’s WIFE
  • If your parents are living with you, she has to cook for them, do their laundry and much more. In return she only wants your appreciation. If you cooperate with her, listen to her and made her feel special, she will do a lot more for you and your family.

From the above reasons this phrase can be justified that “HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE

Key to successful marriage:

For married men, if you are unhappy and bored with married life “focus on your wife’s priorities”. May be you are not giving her attention and she’s being ignored. This mostly happens when you are busy with kids or in office. Another important thing is “be honest” with her and don’t suffer in silence “share” your views as she is your soul mate, she will definitely understands you.
Study revealed that happier and satisfied wife do a lot more for her husband and this ultimately have positive effect on your life.  So keep your wife happy and live happy!

Saima Sharif
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