Five Ways “Thank You” will Improve Your Marriage

Five Ways “Thank-You” will Improve marriage

Thank you: two little words that communicate volumes. How unfortunate it is that too often they are left out of our daily interactions… even with our spouse. It is all too easy for us to fall into a routine and just expect the other person to do the same. Requests become commands, off-handed comments replace any real gratitude because we either no longer feel obligated to express any, or we just become complacent. Unfortunately, this plants some seeds of negativity in our relationships. How do we fix this?

1. Acknowledge

Acknowledge the fact that your spouse has done something you wanted them to do. Whether it was a month’s old Honey-Do list or just picking up their socks without asking say, thank you. This creates a cycle of positive reinforcement, which makes them more likely to repeat the behavior in the future.

2. Be active

Sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to do something until the act becomes habit and is fully ingrained in our minds. By being conscious of this effort our spouse feels appreciated. Taking our person for granted is one of the quickest ways to breed resentment.

3. One positive act breeds others

So you have to think about the behavior for a while before it becomes habit. This is fine and shows effort and positive growth on your end. What happens with one habit is it snowballs into other areas of your behavior and creates other positive traits. It’s a minor thing that creates a major attitude change.

4. Creates intimacy

We have periods of time in our marriages where we just aren’t quite copacetic. This is okay – in fact perfectly normal. By saying, “thank you” we acknowledge our spouse and their actions. It’s a small gesture that means a lot and can help close some emotional distance if there is any.

5. Kids learn by observation

Children learn a lot almost by accident. Most of their development comes from parroting and repetition. By saying those two little words regularly you are inadvertently raising the next generation of grateful people.

Have you said ‘thank you’ recently to your spouse? Here you have a chance to say as this year it will be celebrated on 18th September, 2015. Saying, “thank you” may seem like such a trivial matter, but in doing so it’s the simplest way of showing appreciation towards a person. Do it for the most important person in your life to keep your bond strong.

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