Crisis in Marriage? Blame Social Media!

Crisis in marriage? Blame social media!

Social media has been (and still is) a very useful platform for connecting with people for business and friendship alike. But its relentless use and raging popularity has paved way for some evils that are damaging our relationships, our personals lives and our society. It is not surprising that the relationship of marriage has emerged as the latest victim of the evils of social media. A statistical study published in the journal “Computers of Human Behavior” has revealed a compelling evidence that shows social media has serious ill effects on marriage. It states that there exists a clear correlation between increase in use of social media and divorce rates.

How can social media hurt a marriage?

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people who choose to spend their lives together. It seems unlikely that a mere virtual online network can tarnish such a relationship. But it happens and here’s how-

1. Virtual realities distort perception

People and their lifestyles appear to be more attractive virtually than they actually are. When married couples come across profiles of other couples on Facebook and Instagram, they feel that their relationship falls short somewhere in comparison. This creates discontentment in their relationship.

Similarly people who are not involved in romantic relationships appear to be very happy to married couples. They post pictures of solo trips, clubbing, holidays with friends etc which looks extremely amusing. Looking at these pictures married people sometimes long to get back to “the happening single life”.

What married couples must understand is that, pictures, videos and posts on social media mostly indicate the kind of life individuals aspire to live or want others to believe that they live. The social media depiction of a person’s lifestyle is rarely close to reality. So couples must not let that affect them or their marriage.

2. Rekindling old romance

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a platform to stay in touch with old friends and sometimes old romantic partners. In a marriage when partners have an argument or a conflict, they turn to other people for support and to vent their anger. These networks, deviously facilitate connection of married people to their old partners. Ranting about their partners to their old boyfriends or girlfriends can bring them close and rekindle romantic feelings.

3. Leaves no time for spouse

Social networks can be very interesting and sometimes even addictive. Modern married couples who are excessively fond of social media often neglect each other to engage in virtual networking. They spend numerous hours of the day on Facebook and consequently spend very little time with each other. This can have serious negative impact on their married life.

If you are married and are a social media enthusiast, then beware of all these negative effects! Keep your marriage safe from the ramifications of excessive use of social media. Practice thoughtfulness and use social media in moderation.

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