Anniversaries- Why Are They So Important?

Anniversaries- Why Are They So Important?

Is your anniversary just another date to remember, to give your partner some gifts, to take them out for dinner? But all this sounds just like a regular date night, what do you think is so special about anniversaries? Maybe just another occasion for greeting card companies, confectioneries, and jewelers to sell their commodities to you? Probably yes. But the significance of anniversaries is not limited to that, they are much more special and important for your relationship than you think.

Why is a wedding anniversary important to a relationship?

An anniversary is a special time for a couple to think back to their wedding day.  The wedding needs to be a glorious time of celebration of the new union.  Looking back on it brings smiles, joy, happiness and whatever else that day brings to mind. Maybe it rained.  Maybe the groomsman forgot the ring.  Maybe the flower girl fell down…..lots of things happen at weddings.  It is the celebration of two people committing to a lifetime together.  It is a celebration of the adult children, now grown up, beginning their own life and developing the family and their own traditions.  It is also a time for families to get to know each other as this could possibly be the first time they have met.  The wedding is a beginning for the families and new relationships as future celebrations, such as anniversaries, may include them as well.  An anniversary is a time to bring out the photo album, not only of the wedding but of the children, vacations and other memorable occasions.

Anniversary is the time to assess your relationship

It may be a time for the couple to do an assessment of their marriage and to set personal couple goals for this year, next year, three years and more.  It may be a time to discuss a bigger physical house, a new career move, a physical move, vacations, and dreams.

And so, when you ask why is a wedding important, it is for the memory.  Why is an anniversary important, it is a time to look back on the years together and to look forward to more adventures.  

Celebrate your marriage!

So, remember that special person in your life with a card, a love song, a love letter, a gift that says, I remember and I love you.  Most importantly, spend time together and with those you love.  Here’s to many more Happy Anniversaries.

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