8 Ways to Have a Successful and Lasting Marriage

Successful and Lasting Marriage

Divorce rates have risen to an alarmingly high percentage in the recent years. There are several reasons for that; stress, increased expectations from partners, sexual dissatisfaction, loss of compatibility and so on. Sustaining marriage has emerged as a great challenge for modern couples.

Though there is no magic formula to make marriages last forever but, there are certain habits that the couple can inculcate and certain practices they can follow that can help them have a successful and lasting marriage.

1. Repair the damage caused by conflicts

Couples who move over conflicts without resolving them are most likely to find their marriage in trouble in future. Conflicts happen when one or both partners are annoyed with the other for some reason. If those conflicts are not solved, chances are that the annoyance is going to get buried somewhere in their minds. Over time such problems are going to pile up and create serious resentment in their hearts which can drive them apart. To prevent that from happening it is very important to address the reasons of the conflicts and solve them.

2. Set boundaries for in-laws

Marriage is an extremely intimate bond and couples should set some boundaries for interference from in-laws. Although taking suggestions from family members in some matters of marriage can be helpful but letting them too close to your relationship can be dangerous.

3. Importance of physical intimacy

Few years after marriage, sex tends to get monotonous and frequency of having sex declines. But physical intimacy is extremely important for marital relationships. Sex brings couples closer to each other and help them to feel connected. Married couples should make efforts continuously to keep their intimacy alive.

4. Shared interests

Couples who share interests are found to be happier and connected than those who don’t. Shared interests helps them to have fun together and have riveting conversations with each other. Looking for shared interest can really help marriages.

5. Financial compatibility

Proper management of available financial resources is very important in every household. Therefore married couples must ensure that both partners share common financial goals, purchasing and spending habits. This can help them avoid stress and consequent conflicts regarding financial matters.

6. Friendship with spouse

Passion is not very lasting in most marriages, most of it fades away after some years. What keeps marriages going is love of course and friendship. Having a deep connection of friendship makes couples more satisfied and happier. Friendship develops better understanding between partners.

7. Sharing responsibilities

In marriage, financial, household and parenting responsibilities should be divided in a way that is agreeable to both partners. Each partner should have only as much responsibilities that they can handle. Burdening one partner with too many responsibilities is unfair and can give way to resentments and arguments.

8. Stay away from toxic friends

People turn to their friends for advice when they get into a problem. When couples have arguments or conflicts they go to their friends to share their problem and seek solutions. Those friends who give negative advice, are unreasonable or do not like your spouse are toxic for marriage. It is very important to keep safe distance from those friends and keep them away from your marital relationship.

These habits and practices can surely help to prevent conflicts, improve connection between partners and strengthen the bond of marriage.

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