10 Important Things To Remember About A Relationship

10 Important Things To Remember About A Relationship

Loving relationships is what makes living worthwhile. The best moments in our lives are those which we spend with the people we love. Relationships brim our lives with smiles, laughter, and happiness. But joy isn’t the only emotion that relationships make us experience. Our loved ones, sometimes unintentionally, hurt our feelings, make us cry and make us experience sadness and sorrows.

But does that mean we shouldn’t invest ourselves in relationships? Absolutely not. Joys and sorrows are two sides of a coin. Sorrows make us appreciate the moments of joys more. Relationship hardships make the lighter moments more enjoyable. Relationships require hard work but they are well worth it.

Here are a few important things about relationships that can make them more enjoyable and fulfilling:

1. There is no such thing as a “perfect relationship”

There are ups and downs in every single one. What makes them “perfect” is the way you handle the downs and move on.

2. Any relationship needs good maintenance work

Don’t expect things to go great forever, with no effort on your part.

3. Stagnation is the worse of all relationship problems

Things that don’t evolve, eventually, die a slow death. It is more productive to have a stormy relationship that grows with time, than a dull, boring, and uninspiring one.

4. If you love someone, set them free

Don’t keep them on a short leash, don’t try to control their moves, friends, activities. This is not love, it’s more like a life sentence without parole.

5. Respect your partner for who he/she is

Remember why you got attracted to them in the first place. Don’t try to change them to fit your imaginary picture of a partner. That would be boring and predictable.

6. Be honest and open

Nothing hurts a relationship more than lies and superficial masks. And it takes too much energy to maintain them.

7. Don’t try to be right always

You cannot be. If you are willing to lose and admit your mistake, you are already a winner.  

8. Communicate clearly

Never assume that your partner knows what you think and what you want. 

9. Keep your word and fulfill your promises

Keeping your promises makes your partner feel that they are important to you.

10. Have fun and laugh often

Don’t sweat on small stuff. And, honestly, everything is actually the small stuff.

These 10 things will certainly help you and your partner to strengthen your relationship. It will help you get through tough times with less struggle and will make your pleasant moments more joyous and fulfilling.

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