Being Thankful for Your Marriage

Use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to celebrate your marriage Thanksgiving is the special day set aside to remember that our…
2  min read

Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Living Large

Image courtesy:   Back in September TMZ reported that Jay-Z and Beyoncé were going to have to vacate the $35.5…
2  min read

The Pope and your marriage

Image courtesy:   The Pope was in America recently visiting Washington D.C., New York City, and Cuba. He met…
3  min read

The Impact of IVF on Marriage

Image courtesy:   Infertility sucks. When trying to get pregnant and badly wanting a baby, your life is consumed…
2  min read

Make Dating your Spouse an Absolute Must!

Image courtesy: Recently, a video featuring the unsullied Tom Brady and wife Giselle Bündchen got extremely popular. The couple was…
2  min read
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