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    Funny Words of Wisdom for Bride and Groom for a Happy Marriage

    Funny words of wisdom for bride and groom

    Humour is something which has been associated with marriages since almost forever! Though it is a relationship of intense emotions and love, adding humour to it makes it all the more fun and amusing.

    One of the best parts of marital life is the time period which follows right after marriage. In this period, the newly-weds are bombarded with funny advice and are made a target of witty jokes. These are funny and sometimes get you on the floor laughing. But deep down in their core, they do carry a deeper meaning!

    Funny words of wisdom for bride and groom

    This lighter side of marriage should be taken as an amusing experience. Following are some funny words of wisdom for bride and groom. These will help them a lot in keeping their relationship strong and their love alive!

    1. Remember men resemble tiled floors. Lay them right first time, and you can spend years walking over them!  
    2. Firstly, set the standard rules and decide who the boss is. And then do everything the wife says!  
    3. Always make sure to tell your better half those three essential little words, ‘You’re correct dear’.
    4. A cheerful marriage involves give and take the Mr. gives, and the Mrs. only takes.
    5. Remember the five rings of marriage:
    • The engagement ring
    • The wedding ring
    • The suffering
    • The torturing
    • The enduring
    1. Whenever you’re wrong, take care of business and let it be known. At whatever point you’re correct, simply “SAY nothing!” As it’s been said a man who gives in when he isn’t right is a savvy man. A man who gives in when he is correct is hitched
    1. It is said that marriage is a 50/50 organization, yet any individual who trusts that unmistakably knows nothing about ladies or divisions!
    2. Never be careless, watch out for those little indications in your relationship like in the event that you see that the milkman’s wearing your socks. Or the postman begins calling around on a Sunday!
    3. Mrs Spouse, you should keep in mind that men resemble fine wines, they begin as grapes, and you must stamp on them until the point when they develop into something that you might want to have after supper. By fortuitous event, ladies too resemble a fine wine. They begin crisp, fruity and inebriating to the psyche and then they turn full-bodied with age, and in the end, give you a part cerebral pain! This is a very important point in funny words of wisdom for bride and groom.

    Funny words of wisdom for bride and groom- Tips for the bride

    Following are the five points in funny words of wisdom for bride and groom which a woman is often given when she is looking for a husband!

    Get a man who

    • A man who will treat you like a princess and always stand by your side.
    • A man who will give you a lot of gifts and compliments.
    • A man who will be by your side in times of trouble.
    • A man who will make you happy and grant every request of yours.

    And the most importantly, ensure that each man does not know the other ones’ names!


    To make your marriage successful, follow the deeper hidden meaning in these funny words of wisdom for bride and groom.

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