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    Fun Advice for Newlyweds to Remember During the Reception

    Fun advice for newlyweds to remember during the reception

    You and your spouse live and breath a good time, so you want to have the most fun wedding your guests have ever attended. That’s why we’re giving fun advice for newlyweds to remember during the reception. One great piece of advice? If you put polaroid cameras on your tables for guests to capture events from the night with, expect some X-rated, unappreciated photos to crop up later.

    Here are 8 tips to have the best reception to celebrate your new newlywed status

    1. Eat your meal in one sitting

    Some fun advice for newlyweds to heed during the reception is to eat while you can. There is nothing that can truly prepare you for the endless interruptions and well-wishers who will come up to you during dinner. Their presence may make you feel pressured to get up, socialize, and thank your guests for coming but just remember these words: “Eat now, Host later!”

    If you do not eat when you can not only will you be absolutely famished by the end of the reception, but you also risk having a fantastic piece of cheesecake or stuffed chicken breast removed from your sight by the caterers before you ever had a chance to dig in.

    2. Have a campfire

    One fun piece of advice for your outdoor wedding reception is to think outside the box. Try new and exciting ideas that engage your guests without being too corny. What is more exciting than having a live bonfire at your wedding?Beautifully decorated benches surrounding outdoor fires open up the opportunity for romance fireside smooches, a starlit ambience, and some excellent late-night buffet ideas. Hotdogs and marshmallows anyone?

    3. Get creative with your guestbook

    One way to make your reception fun is to have a unique and quirky guest book. Gone are the days of guests writing down their names. Some like guests to sign other things, such as a blown-up photo of the happy couple, Jenga or puzzle pieces, a globe, wine corks, or decorated pages in a scrapbook.

    Other fun and silly non-traditional guest books will have your guests filling out wedding advice and putting it in a bottle that you aren’t allowed to open until your first anniversary, taking a Polaroid of themselves, and doing a finger-paint thumbprint to fill out a family tree.

    One way to make your reception fun is to have a unique and quirky guest book

    4. Have games at your reception

    Some fun advice for newlyweds during the reception is to play games. Weddings are a celebration of love and union, but the reception is the time for you and your guests to have fun! According to a 2015 study done by Microsoft Corp, people now have an 8-second attention span, which is one second less than a goldfish!

    Having a collection of puzzles and trivia games at each guest’s table is a great way to keep them occupied while you’re taking photos or giving speeches. Many couples even create prizes such as spa or restaurant gift certificates or food baskets for the winners.

    5. Choose food people actually want to eat

    Can you think of the last time you were at a wedding that had truly fantastic food? Likely not. Wow, your guests and create a fun menu by choosing foods you and your guest actually want to eat. Move over generic chicken and herbed potatoes, this wedding just got exciting.

    Some couples opt for themed meal options such as Thanksgiving dinner or BBQ fixin’s, while others woo their guests and their stomachs by hiring a food truck o come around at the end of the evening with French fries, pizza, burgers, and various desserts.

    Choose food people actually want to eat

    6. Make a signature cocktail

    If you’re looking for a fun idea that guests will remember, try creating a signature drink at your wedding. This couples-inspired drink will simplify the ordering process for your guests while giving them something cool to talk about.

    Creating a “couples cocktail” is also a great way to incorporate a certain color or theme into the rest of your wedding. For example, what goes better with a 1920s themed wedding better than a champagne-inspired signature cocktail? White Russians go perfectly with a winter-themed wedding and gin and fizzy drinks are a summer weddings best friend.

    These fun additions to your special day are a fun and tasty way for your guests to remember the happy couple.

    If you're looking for a fun idea that guests will remember, try creating a signature drink

    7. Keep the speeches short

    Speeches from your closest friends and loved ones wonderful for the happy couple to hear. These are touching, sentimental, and often hilarious ways to get to know the couple better while their friends express their love for the marriage.

    However, wedding speeches can tend to go on. One way to ensure your guests will have a fantastic time is to keep the speeches short and to give guests have something else to entertain them while the speeches are going on such as play a game or eat dinner.

    8. Sneak off together

    One thing that nobody tells you before you get married is that for a day that’s supposed to be all about you and your spouse, you are barely going to get to see each other. One fun advice for newlyweds during the wedding is not to forget what you’re celebrating. Yes, you want to throw a great party for your guests to thank them for coming out to support you both, but this is your special day so make sure you take an opportunity to sneak off together.

    Go for a walk around your reception area, sneak off into the coatroom, or run off while guests are playing games to make time to hold hands, kiss, talk, do something naughty, or just appreciate your new life as a married couple.

    Final thoughts

    Your wedding is only as fun as you make it and remember, what’s fun to you isn’t always entertaining to your guests. Fun advice for newlyweds to remember during the reception is to have fun, make time to sneak off with your spouse, play games, and be engaging with your guests. This will guarantee a fun and fantastic reception for both you and your guests.

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