What You Need to Avoid to Run a Successful Business With Your Spouse

What You Need to Avoid to Run a Successful Business With Your Spouse

Working with your spouse has many advantages, but if you’re building a company together you need to be aware of some things. If you want to have a successful business, you need to know what to avoid for best experience.

Working with your spouse means you’ll be together day and night. This means that both of you can grow repulsion for each other. This will be bad for the relationship and for the business. In order to make sure this won’t happen, follow these points, especially if you both work from home.

Here’s what to avoid:

Working in the same room

Almost all of the couples working together, especially those working from home, admit that working in the same room is killing the business and the relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or just living together, all people have their own individual way of doing things.

Working in the same room will make you feel claustrophobic and will ruin the work atmosphere which is bad for the business.  Both partners will become hostile and argue for no reason.

Instead, have different rooms/offices and communicate through e-mail, phone or meet occasionally, but not frequently.

Interfering each other’s responsibilities

It is disastrous for the business to interfere in each other’s assignments. One reason is that you can’t do everything by yourself, and the other is that even if you can, you most certainly are not capable of doing everything better than your spouse.

You both have expertise in different fields, or at least do some things better than the other.

Mixing time for work and for family

Never let working hours become so long that you have to discuss work matters over dinner. Never stay hungry because of work. It is very important to set a line beyond which you and your spouse will stop being business partners and become family. Don’t talk about work after work hours. Have a walk, or watch a movie but simply forget about the job duties.

Arguing about unimportant things

Arguing is essential for the business to go forward. However, this doesn’t mean you should argue about every little thing here and there, and especially not to show power.

You are a team and you should act like that. Business is a success for both of you and failure falls on both of you too.

Still, arguments are good if the matter is important. Share your opinions about many things and brainstorm ideas, but avoid arguing over things that will drain your energy and won’t give you any benefit.

Being constantly together

This is a killer for the relationship, if you are losing your personal life because of business. If you work together it means that you will never be apart. That can make you feel like you’re living in monotony and become very bored.

Avoid losing yourself. Preserve your personal enjoyments. At least once a week have time for yourself. Have a drink with friends or practice a hobby of some kind. This will make you feel happier, and if you’re happy, your partner will be happy too.

Filled with happiness, your business will grow without problems.  

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