Keep the Love Burning: Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs

Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs

Despite the major pitfalls that come with marrying an entrepreneur, spending quality time and engaging in activities which enhance your emotional connection complements the marriage. The advantage of financial security helps to achieve your dreams with minimal stress. However, an entrepreneur who overlooks the power of love is bound to divorce before the fifth anniversary. Look at these tips that promote successful marriage for entrepreneurs

1. Prioritize your spouse

Money comes and goes, but, your family sticks by you whatever the circumstances (for better for worse).  Your success as an entrepreneur highly depends on your physical and emotional health. Why then allow your work to take the position of your wife to an extent that you have little time for intimacy? Have a definite schedule which your wife or husband understands and supports. In fact, plan it with her or his consent to avoid being available when your partner is committed. Follow the schedule and be firm on it.

2. Balance your work and love life

Yes, you have to fulfill your family responsibilities by working hard for them- well and good. Avoid being a workaholic by planning your day, week or month to avoid work pressure. Learn to carryover work to the next day unlike carrying it at home. Unless your company is burning, have quality time with your spouse to enhance the passionate moments. The temptation of overtime money should not override the love for your wife. If you have so much pressure that you have to take extra hours in the office, plan on how you will compensate it with your wife or husband. It rekindles the love at the same time your spouse feels appreciated.

3. Never carry work at home

Your spouse is not a puppet, you spend the entire day at work, you then come and glue yourself to your laptop the entire night in the name of tight deadlines. When do you have quality time to share your thoughts and plan for the family? Getting to know how your spouse spent her day as you laugh over some of the funny things in your lives has a great impact on your emotional connection.

4. Differentiate between your employee and your spouse

The corporate world subjects an entrepreneur to bossy lifestyle and working towards perfection. The moment you step in the house, unveil the title and be a wife or a spouse. Your success in the enterprise does not guarantee your marital satisfaction, the same way you work on your enterprise to maintain profits is the same energy you need to employ to keep your marriage going.

5. Accept the situation and make compromises

The innovative nature of an entrepreneur tends to focus more on the business than on the marriage. Accept the responsibility of the enterprising spirit but let your marriage be like your other business. When you need help, let your partner be your support and pillar to a successful business.

6. Delegate some tasks

Your business will never fail simply because you did not do some tasks. In fact, to have the best work life balance, delegate some crucial tasks to your trusted employees and play a supervisory role. You will not be a poor leader, as a matter of fact; your employees will appreciate the challenge and give you their best.

7. Have a quality time with your spouse

When you are home, take time to cuddle your wife as you appreciate her presence and her role in the family. Switch off all the electronic gadgets and give your smartphone a break. It is disgusting when your wife has to fight for your attention for the reason of being “busy” answering emails. A spouse gets tired reminding you to take time off the gadgets to give her the attention. In protest, she sulks over other activities, when you now need her. She is also preoccupied with other activities. Your emotional connection drifts apart day by day. Loneliness and lack of appreciation are major causes of most divorce cases.

You have the power within your hands to enjoy marriage and still be successful in your marriage. Take time to study your partner’s needs and likes and capitalize on that within your busy work schedule. A surprise lunch date, gifts, getaways are among some extra efforts to rekindle your love life.

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