The Red Flags of Being in a Relationship With an Entrepreneur

The Red Flags of Being in a Relationship With an Entrepreneur

Marriage starts from a relationship, after assessing the physical attributes of a prospective  partner, career is very important. Not every woman has the ability to cope with an entrepreneur. This is someone who is always deep in thought about a crazy business idea and expects you to challenge him in his school of thought. It is always better to break a relationship than a marriage. Loving partners give their best during a relationship prior to marriage, lack of sweet loving moments at this stage, expect worse scenarios in marriage. Let’s look at some of the aspects of an entrepreneur detrimental to a relationship-


Success in business is not a guarantee of success in a relationship. 60 percent of successful entrepreneurs have dysfunctional marriages. The sole reason for this is looking at the marriage institution as a business enterprise. Not considering that in marriage, it is two imperfect people trying to create a peaceful environment through sacrifice and compromise, unlike in a business setup where you only deal with people who are perfect for the job.

Selfish interests

An entrepreneur never makes compromises on his business. If you have to plan for a date, it must be at his convenience. He does not consider your opinion in his plans. You are the one to fit in his plan and not vice versa. After some time, you find yourself in an awkward position; your errands are pending to create time for your spouse. A relationship is a two-way traffic; we all make compromises for the benefit of the relationship. If you find yourself solely running the show, then it is high time you reconsider your decision.

Unrealistic expectations

Managing a relationship is an enterprise on its own; an investment on the side requires sacrifices. An entrepreneur deals with you like a co-partner. When he is stuck, he expects you to be by his side by giving advice and solutions on the failed project. Are you the vision bearer? How will you start getting involved in this enterprise when you have no clue of its objective and goals? It is common to take a back seat and watch as events unfold, that is when you are met with insults for being lazy and non-enterprising. Surely, you are there for love not business partnership. In fact, wise entrepreneurs stabilize in the businesses before they commit to a relationship to avoid such disappointments.

The business is the only focus of attention and energy

An entrepreneur invests money, time, and energy in the business. It is a tough career which requires going an extra mile to command a high market share. The moment your partner cannot even send you a text message in the course of the day because he was busy at work then you mean nothing in his life. He should treat you the same way he can never fail to call his personal assistant on any pending business matters when out in the office.

You compete for his attention

You both agree to be in a relationship. An entrepreneur with stable emotions knows how to balance between building his enterprise and enjoying passionate moments with you. Are you the one who has to remind him of your birthday or an event? He should surprise you with gifts as well as go out of his way to put everything at work on hold to be with you.

To have a good relationship with an entrepreneur; you need a high level of patience, tolerance, and understanding. An entrepreneur’s emotional stability determines the success of the relationship.

When it gets to a point that he cancels your date to attend to an “emergency” at work then he needs more time to sort himself before committing to you. These are people who will receive a phone call in the middle of a love making activity. Run my friend run!

Bipolar like character

Your role is emotional and physical connection. The ups and downs of business break an entrepreneur to a point of giving up. Look at how he treats you in all these situations. Does your presence has a stress-relieving effect or worsens the situation? Does he handle you with love, care, and affection to a point you never notice if there is a problem in the business? In case, the happiness of your relationship is pegged on the success of the business you are better off alone. You will not be at ease with the anger projection. A good relationship with an entrepreneur must be better irrespective of the challenges of his enterprise. Your thought and presence must uplift his spirit.

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