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    Jody Rotman
    Jody Rotman is Founder and CEO of Nestiny.  As the leader of a real estate tech startup, she's focused on solving some major pain points, unnecessary friction and information gaps for consumers and real estate agents. Frequently called the "Walt Disney of real estate" she has a precise vision for re-imagining real estate to help others. With over 130,000 consumer members already and growing, www.Nestiny.com provides a simple, modern way to guide a consumer through the real estate journey at their pace and convenience.  Her career has spanned from large companies like IBM, to regional telecom providers, software firms, tech startups and real estate. She's offered her expertise and care to companies like Halliburton and Carnival Cruise Lines to streamline their business processes ... all the way down to handing the keys to an excited family ready to move into their very first home. It was her drive and entrepreneurial spirit which fueled her passion to build Nestiny. Its mission is to help a home buyer or seller avoid costly mistakes, save time and money while realizing their dream of homeownership in a fun, educational environment. Nestiny also offers a suite of collaborative tools for real estate agents to improve productivity, overcome marketing hurdles and engage with clients in a high impact, low friction way.  Jody graduated from Meredith College with a degree in Business including Marketing and Communications. She and Nestiny have been featured in Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Forbes and The Guardian among others. She's the proud mom of two Shorkie sisters, Evie and Nola.
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