Which Hollywood Hero is Your Ideal Valentine?

Which Hollywood Hero is Your Ideal Valentine?

We all have our favorite men in Hollywood. Aside from being attractive, talented and successful (all are very attractive qualities) they seem like great guys. Ever wondered which leading man you are most compatible with? Well, it’s about time to find out. Just choose your sign and get ready to dream a little.


Aquarius women need someone to keep up with their intellectual prowess. Many men have a hard time keeping up but not a Gemini man. Geminis can provide the insightful and often fascinating conversation you crave and keep you on your toes romantically. A man with knowledge, quick wit and the ability to teach you something new is irresistible.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

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The perfect Valentine for Pisces is one with an equally positive and good natured spirit. Since they are both water signs, Cancer and Pisces are able to flow together. This is done with good conversation and shared creativity.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

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Aries is a very confident, high spirited and optimistic sign that will most enjoy the company of the equally dynamic Leo. When both signs come together, sparks fly in the best way possible. The connection is nothing less than enthusiastic, energetic and spirited. All signs point to great dates, right?!


Your Hollywood Valentine is: David Duchovny

David Duchovny

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Taurus and Virgo are an excellent Valentine’s Day duo. Based on Taurus’ ability to make anyone feel comfortable and Virgo’s naturally loving nature a perfect date would be something cozy and intimate that leaves a lot of room for connecting. This can be anything from cooking a meal together, arranging a picnic, or perhaps a more artistic outing.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Idris Elba

Idris Elba

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The energetic, clever, imaginative and very social Gemini with the balanced, level headed Libra are great together. Libra is always entertained and enchanted by Gemini’s energy while Gemini can’t get enough of Libra’s infectious free spirit.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Image courtesy: toc.h-cdn.co


Cancer’s dream Valentine will fulfill her need for romance, an old fashioned romance to be exact. Cancers want candy, flowers, champagne and a romantic dinner. Scorpios have a similar attitude towards romance making them a great match. Best of all, Leos love taking the lead which provides some relief to the loving and caring Cancer.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leo rules the heart meaning their Valentine should be equally passionate about both romance and life. Like minds come together with Leo and Sagittarius and the end result is dynamic. A mutual spice for life will create nothing but good times and great dates. The sky’s the limit.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Virgos and Capricorns certainly connect in the romance department. The ideal Valentine for Virgo is one that will treat her like she should be treated. In addition to that, Virgos and Capricorns really understand each other which gives the duo the ability to develop a friendship and romance. Why not get the best of both worlds?


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

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Libra and Gemini always equal a great Valentine’s Day. When both air signs come together, the result is a fresh and invigorating connection that will never suffer a dull moment. The two feed off each other’s energy and the connection is sure to evolve naturally. Both are very sociable signs so communication certainly isn’t an issue.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Image courtesy: www.hdwallpaperscool.com


You are a sensual and passionate individual who is comfortable in her own skin. Your ideal Valentine can handle and appreciate your powerful energy without feeling the need to challenge it. Due to Pisces’ easy going nature, they are more than capable of offering this.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Image courtesy: static.independent.co.uk


A bright and brilliant individual with infectious enthusiasm is just what Sagittarius needs. Combine that with undeniable physical chemistry and you have a strong connection between two people that complement one another.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Image courtesy: menshealth.com


Capricorns can greatly benefit from a bond involving lots of mutual admiration and respect. Taurus provides this by sharing Capricorn’s ambition. Both are very responsible and stable signs that find similar qualities very refreshing and attractive. Like minds can create a lasting connection.


Your Hollywood Valentine is: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Image courtesy: s1.bwallpapers.com


Are you happy with your Hollywood hero? With this selection you can’t lose! Along with your Hollywood Valentine, you now have a better understanding of the characteristics to look for in your real life match. Zodiac signs ring a lot of truth about one’s personality and provides some insight on who you may be most compatible with. Whether you have already found that special someone or are still looking, have fun this Valentine’s day. It is such a positive day and should not be wasted.

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