Wartime Sweethearts ‘Roy and Nora’ Get Back Together After 70 years!

Roy and Nora together after 70 years

Do you believe in destiny? Well after reading this beautiful story you will surely!


Second World War hero Roy Vickerman, who separated with his fiancee Nora Jackson then, is finally reuniting with her after 7 decades!


D-day veteran Roy Vickerman split up with Nora Jackson in the year 1946 after he was being injured by Nazi sniper.


Roy proposed to Nora on March 26th on his 90th birthday with the same ring that he gave her 70 years back. They were reunited with the help of a radio show that made them realize that they both are just two miles away from each other. The happy elderly couple have finally decided to get married.

How did the romance blossom?

The couple met in 1940 and got engaged in 1946. But destiny had decided something else in store for them. Roy was called to join D-day landings which was one of the biggest battles of World war 2. It all happened when Roy tracked Nora’s address after calling radio DJ Graham Tottington on a local BBC show. Roy immediately decided to visit and give her flowers and apologise for the way they had parted.

He said, “I thought I won’t go round because of her husband. I thought about it for a week. I got into a taxi with a big bunch of flowers. She had no idea of I was coming around. She came to the door and said, ‘Oh, Roy. She put her arms around me and gave me a kiss and said ‘Hold me’.


It was strange that they lived just two miles away but never bumped into each other before.

Happy ending for Roy and Nora

Roy aged 90 and Nora aged 89, had moved on in their own lives as they both got married and had children. Roy  was married to a German immigrant who died in 2012; they have two children. Nora, on the other hand, is widowed since 2002 and was living with her two children and grandchildren.


It was a shock for Nora to see Roy again after such a long time. She said, “Everything has been so happy for me to see him and be with him.”


The wartime sweethearts are now ready for their wedding this summer. Their story makes us believe all the more in the power of love.

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