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  • Together Forever – in Life and in Death

    Together Forever - in Life and in Death

    The touching story is told of Geneva and Arte Davis who were married for sixty-nine years and then died on the same day just a few hours apart. Their only daughter Annette summed it up beautifully when she said, “She was his love, and he was hers.”

    An early start

    Married at the tender ages of nineteen and twenty-one respectively, Geneva and Arte started out their married life living with Geneva’s parents and siblings. Geneva’s mother was sickly so they took care of her siblings as if they were their parents. They spent their lives caring for others, between family commitments and church work.
    An early start

    A good example

    With the good example of love, devotion and service to others which Arte and Geneva consistently set in their lives, it is no wonder that their daughter Annette would gladly follow in their footsteps. Just as Geneva cared for her mother, so her daughter in turn cared for her. Annette spent the last three years of her parents’ lives living in their home and taking care of them. Annette says that she learned about helping others from her parents. In her own words, “My commitment to them came from them. Maybe I can pass that on to my children. That’s a wonderful lesson.”

    A woman of her word

    Geneva Davis was not only a good example to others but she was also a woman of her word. Something which she had often said was that when Arte goes she would go with him. And so when the day finally came, Arte passed away at 11:59am on June 19th, 2007 at the age of ninety. Annette went into the next room to tell her eighty-eight year old mother that the love of her life had passed away and was waiting on her. At first Geneva was silent and then she sat up in the bed and reached out her arms, as if towards Arte and Annette is convinced that her mother saw him. Just a few hours later, at 9:40pm that same day, Geneva too slipped away to join her beloved, just as she had said she would.


    Indeed, their daughter Annette and many others may consider this to be the ultimate love story, that they loved each other enough to go together, and that even death could not keep them apart for long.

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