The Impact of IVF on Marriage

Impact of IVF on Marriage

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Infertility sucks. When trying to get pregnant and badly wanting a baby, your life is consumed with charting, taking your temperature, testing, vitamins and sex. After a while, the stress can take a toll on your relationship. You forget how to have fun and enjoy your spouse and the mood swings involved with a negative pregnancy test or the onset of a period can be crippling.


Doctors give a general timetable for conception. Women under 35 should try for a year to get pregnant before seeking treatment. Women over 35 should seek help after 6 months of trying since their fertility window is so much smaller than a younger woman. Couples that can’t/don’t conceive naturally in that time often seek the help of a fertility doctor and rounds of hormones, IVF, and testing to get the job done.

Others decide to look into adoption instead. Many couples just want a child, the means of getting there aren’t as important as fulfilling their maternal/paternal needs. For some couples, after starting the adoption process or actually receiving a child they get pregnant. For whatever reason, be it the planets align, or they just relax and enjoy themselves again, the universe decides to bestow on them their own little bundle.


The unique case of Andy and Sarah

In the case of Andy and Sarah Justice from Oklahoma, they got a bit more than they would have bargained for. After being chosen by a birth mother in the adoption process, they head over to the first ultrasound to find that the birth mother is pregnant with TRIPLETS! Yes, naturally occurring triplets are real and occur in about 1 in 8100 births. The couple who had spent three years trying to conceive naturally got a shock when they found out they were getting three babies at one time.


A week after the triplets were born, Sarah found out that she and Andy had finally conceived and at that first ultrasound saw they were having TWINS! If you’re keeping score at home, they will have five babies, all under one year old. Proving once again that the Universe really does have a sense of humor.


This scenario is rather unique in terms of the sheer quantity of children, but the circumstances are not. It’s fairly common to hear about couples that switch their focus from conception to adoption and raising that child demands all their attention and love.


If you are one of the many people struggling with infertility and are considering having science intervene (or have already been through the IVF process) it may be time to look into other means of scratching the baby itch that are far less painful and traumatic. Who knows, after all of the trials you may be one of the lucky couples that finally gets to say, “We’re having a baby!” who cares what the means.

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