Selfless Love: A Love Letter To YOU

Selfless Love: A Love Letter To You

I am deliberately focused on loving YOU.
I love you when you are wakeful. I love you near, or far.  
I love you when you are working. I love you when you are resting.  
A deliberate love out of sight, and always on my mind.

I love you when you have loss. I love you when you have strength.
I love you flawed.  I love you tender.
I love you senseless.  I love you wise.  
I love you aching. Always a healthy love. No grief-stricken love.  
A desire set on deliberately loving you.  

I love you mountains high. I love you valley’s low.
I love your success on-top. I love you struggling to make ends meet.  
I love you rise.  I love you fall.  
I love you learning. I love you doubting. I love you building.  
A deliberate love in the journey of it all.

I love you weeping. I love you screaming at the rooftop.  
I love you singing in the shower.  I love you dancing in the rain.  
I love you through each minute. I love you every hour.
A love that withstands all emotion.  
A love that appreciates the hands of time.
A deliberate love through the test of time.

A love that is deliberate in each breath, and until death.  
A love that’s willing, hopeful, courageous, superior, maximal, potent, desired, and deliberate.  
A valuable love, not measured.  
I love you without condition, unconditionally.  
I only have eyes, and love deliberately for you.

For this deliberate love is intended, purposed, and surpasses all circumstance.  
This love shall last.  
I deliberated & the most High deliberately gave me to YOU through his love.  
I am deliberately focused on loving YOU.

Sealed with a kiss…

Janelle is an experienced psychotherapist, she established Life Balance Counseling practice in Aurora, Colorado in the year 2011. She supports people with struggles such as anxiety, grief, loss, ADHD and others. She helps her clients achieve balance in their lives by building healthy relationships, sustaining self worth and value.
She has done her Master’s in counseling from Regis University. She is a member of American Counseling Association and the Rho Upsilon Chi Chapter.
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