couple work out

5 Benefits of Working Out as a Couple

It can be difficult to find the motivation and dedication to stick to a workout routine. One way to spice…

By Heather Hardy

Blogger| 3  min read


What Does “Proposed” Mean – Your Little Handbook

If you look up “proposal” in the dictionary, you might see the following definitions: The act of offering or suggesting…

4  min read

Love Proposal – Important Questions Uncovered for You

Of all the landmarks in one’s life, the proposal of love leading to marriage is one of the most profound…

4  min read

It’s okay, you’ll get used to it

How Families Can Overcome Intimate Partner Violence

Every year in the United States, more than 10 million women and men experience physical abuse by an intimate partner.…

By John Rehm

Blogger| 3  min read

5 Things Veterans Day Teaches Us About Relationships

5 Things Veterans Day Teaches Us About Relationships

Love isn’t easy when your partner is stationed across the globe. Nights are long without your sweetheart, so it’s no…

5  min read

The Experience of Living with a Foster Sibling

The Experience of Living with a Foster Sibling

When you think of a foster carer an older, wiser, picture may spring to mind. A woman with plenty of…

4  min read

Learning From Failed Marriages

My father always said, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  I try to keep that in mind when I’m asked about marriage.…

3  min read

Finding Your ‘Happy’ And Keeping It

Did you know you that  you have the power to make yourself happy?  Happiness is defined as; feeling, joyful, content,…

By Jacqueline Pearce

Psychologist, LMHC| 3  min read

International Women’s Day: What Women Need In Relationships

Whatever you give to a woman she will make it greater. Women are intrinsically caregivers. In relationships they care for…

4  min read

Selfless Love: A Love Letter To YOU

I am deliberately focused on loving YOU.I love you when you are wakeful. I love you near, or far.  I love…

By Janelle Johnson

Counselor, MA, LPC| 2  min read

Story Time – How We Met and Married

The amazing thing about love is that it has a way of showing-up and surprising us. Try as we might…

4  min read

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